April 22, 2021


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Hacked and sanctioned by the Chinese: Tom Tugendhat MP speaks out

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24 thoughts on “Hacked and sanctioned by the Chinese: Tom Tugendhat MP speaks out

  1. Why do officials simply pass by the fact that someone in the government allowed the CCP to establish the Confucius Institutes in the first place? Somebody who knew better allowed a hostile foreign government to set up a subversion and espionage ring inside the U.K. Is no one curious to know who that person is, and what other treasonous acts they may have, or are continuing to commit?

  2. Isn't this less about bullying and intimidation, and more about trolling western governments and their toothless foreign offices? As the MP points out, unless you are a collaborator with the CCP, their condemnations are only so much hot air. (In itself a climate change crime against humanity.)

  3. Can't be restated enough – Freddie is one of the best interviewers on the screen at the moment. The manner, the style, the humility, the genuine interest, his own grasp of language , his knowledge etc etc.. Best finds of lockdown.

  4. I am a Chinese, I grew up with education of just love the Chinese communist party(CCP), to listen to the CCP, follow the CCP is the right thing. otherwise you are not a good citizen. I realised CCP is deceiving people since they started persecution on Falun Gong. I found their propaganda about Falun Gong are total lying. Then they started cruel persecution on these innocent people. Lots of my friends were killed, put into prison, Labour camp,suffered torture, murder. There were 100 millions Falun Gong practitioners in China before the persecution in 1999, now just a few practitioners left. Lots of people gave up practice because of this persecution, this is also a kind of genocide, from my perspective. CCP manipulate Chinese people to attack every one they say the person is China 's enemy, CCP's enemy. I call more and more people join in speaking out, and ending up CCP, release Chinese people 'spirit, help China be a country with normal values. And please don't hate Chinese people, they are educated with different values and knowledges from normal countries. They even Don't have chance to learn how to think. Please help us ending up CCP.

  5. Kudos for thinking that Chinese students have an obligation to not strangle academic free speech, but what is he doing about it besides cautioning us that institutions are really too financially dependent on them to change anything?

  6. NOW will Tom Tugendhat consider the plight of Julian Assange and the injustice his case so clearly represents? I met with Tom and my local MP and challenged them and their smug 'yes man' stance when Theresa May was pretending that her 'agreement' would ensure Britain left the EU. Tom tried to claim that Assange was to be disregarded because of the (spurious) claim the he was some sort of sex fiend. I soon put him right on that, as I and many others actually saw the freely given interviews of the two Swedish women (who knew each other) who slept with him, and both were perfectly clear that it was entirely consensual, and the Swedish courts totally dropped those charges, so Tom's attempt to smear him to me, a woman, was because he assumed I would be moved by such claims and that I knew nothing. He was wrong. What he said here about the Chinese Communist Party is good and it needs to go further, as there has been evidence in an American newspaper (probably the Wall Street Journal) some months back that revealed that the CCP had created thousands of bot accounts with which they were bombarding legislators and politicians in loads of countries, pretending to be other people, like hospital administrators, (i.e. identity fraud) claiming that their hospital was overwhelmed by patients, when this was clearly not the case, when citizens walked round the very same hospitals, filming within. These fake accounts were, and probably still are, deployed to manipulate the journalists, politicians, counsellors, police, etc etc, and … here we are! Our lot are going to have to wake up fast. They have all been had by the sly Chinese!

  7. These are the same people limiting people’s right to protest and stopping people seeking refuge from brutal regimes by gaining asylum in the UK. Limiting the role of parliament and democracy. They need to decide what they are fascists or caring socialists. Can’t be both.

  8. I maybe niece Mr Tugendhat but didn't China's population drop into poverty due to the British involvement with the Opium wars? growing Opium in India under the British East India Company and smuggling it into China Your comment the "let's not forget Communism threw China into poverty". I'm no expert but you claim to be an expert – how balanced is your knowledge of history?

  9. Don't travel, commute, work, study or visit China guys.
    I remember a story from maybe already 10 to 15 years of a human-rights, pro-Taiwan activists that was prevented from commuting planes in Beijing by the authorities.
    It's not new. I thought he was very naive to travel to X Asian country via Beijing, while he was a critic of China. Now, they do worse than sending you back (hostage diplomacy), be aware of that.

  10. After 100 years of humiliation and exploitation of China the British should be a bit more modest.
    What about the human rights of poor Julian Assange who is dying in a London dungeon just for publishing the war crimes of the US and the UK committed in Iraq, in Syria, in Lybia, in Afghanistan, …..?

  11. I totally disagree with his statements about China and all it’s accomplishments. China has not brought any new technology or any other idea into being.. they simply copy everything that is already, They do not have original thought but are stuck partly in the past and frozen in the present by their dictators. Their technologies are not new they are simply applications of what is already created….. I do wish that people who hold some office would not make blanket statements which only make them sound knowledgeable but are in fact opinions.

  12. The war of opium…. one needs to remember that the British brought opium to China when China refused to trade with them.. thus destroying their culture which resulted in the China we have today. To imagine that nations forget what has been done to them is a folly… all the drugs that come out from China today that kill the homeless and addicted are part of the payback. Now every opportunity that China has to get back at the West is exactly what they are about… destroying the West….. History is part of the world and it doesn’t go away and it isn’t forgotten…. one only has to look at Pakistan and India and many other countries with old arguments…

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