June 17, 2021


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HAHA! TYT's Union-Busting EXPOSED! | Louder with Crowder

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21 thoughts on “HAHA! TYT's Union-Busting EXPOSED! | Louder with Crowder

  1. Of course there are hypocrites on both the left and right, but do you notice that leftists find it especially hard to play by their own rules when it affects their own pockets? And have you been following the TYT saga and Cenk’s vehement opposition to unions in the enterprise? Also did you have to change your pants from PISSING YOURSELF LAUGHING!?

  2. Unions don't give the workers more power. My union is just another entity that has more power than the workers. We pay them, and I'm not sure what they do that the company couldn't. We don't get bonuses. My schedule is inconsistent and changes all the time.

  3. I've been trying to listen to these democrats stupid out of touch comments on conservative channels all day and i cant freaking do it all the way through …lol

  4. Ooooh you mean chunk booger, ok,ok now I know who you were talking about, I have nightmares about him eating hamburgers while being naked chasing me, I get in my car and speed away, and he’s in his car naked, eating hamburgers chasing me still.

  5. People form associations all the time to further their goals. One such association is a corporation. So it makes sense that employees of a corporation may find that they want to form an association in especially contentious negotiations. But thats not how it works irl. Irl the union is largely powerless (if not a tool of the corporation) due to all manner of modern market factors. So you get situations like "we the union in 1991 negotiated for a pay raise that ultimately amounted to an inflation adjustment. And for that thing we did 29 years ago we feel that we deserve the right to tax everyone's paycheck in this workplace until the end of time."

  6. Bernie is like one of those Characters in an apolocypse movie or something. Preaching heroicly, hoping people agree. Some of his guys agree.
    Then suddenly zombies start walking towards him, he starts pushing his buddies to those zombies or whatever.
    What a great guy. Imagine if we had that dude for a president. He would valiantly sacrifice all of us If we got invaded in theory.

  7. i have always been able to go to my boss and ask for a raise. union or no union. i have never asked for a raise and not gotten it. be a valuable employee and you can expect a reasonable boss. if they are not reasonable. drag up and go find one that is. even if that boss needs to be you.

  8. I'm a union worker, and as such, I can agree that many unions have overstepped be on their demands, and want to protect the lazy man, but I do believe unions still have an important place today

  9. Fuck unions. They do everything to get in the way of companies firing people who fuck up royally on the job and cost said companies thousands upon thousands of dollars.
    "Sorry, but this guy hit an old woman with his delivery truck and drove off. His irresponsibility and liability can not be supported here."
    "YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO FIRE HIM!!! He helps pay our membership fees!"

  10. Unions are a double edged sword. They can be good still it they can be detrimental at this time. I worked at Rite Aid, which was union. I never saw a rep, I paid dues each week and it was only slightly over minimum wage. There was 0 benefit to the union there, other then the union collecting money from me. I was even falsely fired, I had a dentist appointment the assistant manager told me if I went I was fired, went but was not fired until I no called no showed the next few days(after specifically being told not to come in). The AM also had her daughter work there and they’d sit in the office and eat Ben and Jerry’s while leaving me to do all the work and ignoring my calls for assistance, then yelling at me for the reasons for the calls existing and not being handled.

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