April 18, 2021


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Hancock LEAKS Brits' Personal Medical Data To UK Police

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20 thoughts on “Hancock LEAKS Brits' Personal Medical Data To UK Police

  1. It’s not an emergency situation viruses don’t exist so it’s all part of the plan to impose control on people at this rate though the public will accept it as majority believe the virus is out there. We are screwed until we all say no. And mainstream media Is their tool they aren’t just hiding this for good of our mental health ffs.

  2. They will all be charged with war crimes and they dont even know they can be for what they are doing to the ENGLISH PEOPLE under the NUREBERG TRIALS

  3. First of all it’s not an emergency, it’s a scamdemic evidenced by swindling numbers and a pcr test that’s incapable of detecting covid at all!! False data. And silencing opposition to the mainstream narrative is not “an emergency”!
    Secondly, whether an emergency or not OUR rights and freedoms ARE NOT negotiable! Either by decree or violent enforcement via a unquestioning, unthinking police force.

  4. I agree with that biased git Campbell on this, btw im also a fan of Sunak for PM/leader at some point, but using his public profession to expand his political profile is bollocks, the office he holds is not his.

  5. if you are not wearing a mask and state 'medical reasons'. then they can check what your history is and determine whether or not is reality.

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