October 17, 2021


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Happy Birthday US Fiat Dollar: USA's Greatest Crime

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33 thoughts on “Happy Birthday US Fiat Dollar: USA's Greatest Crime

  1. Richard! You made one of THE biggest impressions on me of the importance of holding silver and gold! Thank you for ALL you have done. Your efforts have NOT been in vain. Keep the faith!!

  2. I was a regular reader of the "guru" before my 1st computer crashed. I enjoyed your lessons for your children…..and the end instruction "buy gold". I still remember your teaching….bruce

  3. I’m a great fan of Richard and love all you have done in this field. Sorry to hear you are unwell & hope you are better to see how this plays out.
    All our best !! Your biggest fan. Australia

  4. "The dollar, for me, is sort of a love hate relationship". I "love" the dollars that all my clients send me. I "hate" the dollar when peddling my bullshit in my videos. Keep sending dollars folks!

  5. I'm afraid that if we return to a gold standard, it would keep alive the corrupt centralization who hold the gold and at a later date just repeat the same horrific process of the fiat standard. It's just the same psychopathic Keynesian narcists career politicians that promise their way into office with freebies. A Bitcoin standard would make permanent the elimination of central power, and preserve far better over the long run what gold has failed to do in the last half century because some hack in Washington can divorce America's sound money with the Constitution and replace it with private bank "fun coupons".

  6. This 50 year game of using government backed monopoly "money" has disenfranchised an entire generation of Millennials from planning for the future and has severely stunted their adult life by missing many of life's milestones like marriage, children, and homeownership- by Decades, and never being able to properly save for retirement, because savers are losers in their sick game. The Boomers did Millennials DIRTY!

  7. Richard, your wisdom, great sense of humour & that sparkle in your eyes are a joy to watch in The Hidden Secrets of Money. Sending best wishes to you for your recovery & getting that sparkle back in your eyes. Much respect 💜

  8. Get well soon Richard Doughty. Anyone actually caught Nixon announcing that the suspension on dollar's convertibility was only temporary? Listen to it carefully. Guess temporary = 50 years and counting. So when Fed tells me that inflation is transitory, you should be able to draw the parallels there.

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