March 1, 2021


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37 thoughts on “Harris will bring ‘a campaign toughness’ to the Biden ticket

  1. Picking Kamala Harris looks like it will Biden's his biggest mistake. District attorneys can be ruthless and Harris seems very ruthless to me. She might steamroll over Biden from day one. Biden may not have any say in anything. She looks to be trying to get selected by batting her eyes at him, hugging him, etc. from the pictures I see online. Ambition is the least of the problem.

  2. "Headboard Harris" used the horizontal bop to get a leg up on the competition. Ask her supervisors. They were simply blown away by her gifted oral persuasion arguments.

  3. Call me silly…..but I’ll never vote for these communist let alone an senile corrupt old man and angry black woman that thinks I’m a racist cuz I’m white. NOPE

  4. So is this the plan for getting the totally unelectable into the presidency. Not even the democrats wanted anything to do with her in the primaries.
    It could have been worse because they could've planned AOC as vice president and then presidency once they've forced Biden out.

  5. LOL, choosing Harris from any of the other fish that John West rejected is electoral suicide.
    Trump doesn't need to win this election with the dems actively shooting themselves in the foot at every opportunity.

  6. Illegals come to America because of Capitalism and a Freedom country. Now the Leftist Communist Democrats wants to change the US where the illegals escaped from NO FREE SPEECH and FREEDOM ?

  7. We should already know who Joe's VP is. We usually know this info in this stage of a presidential election. Most of the state primaries are done. Dems are beyond desperate and are trying to buy time.

  8. Kamala the Cop is despised by black America. She can do the public prosecutor cross questioning in the senate role but she wilts in a debate. Most people recognise her for shamelessly sleeping her way to the top for power and as somebody when a prosecutor went after the poor and protected the rich. Her not releasing evidence to keep an innocent man in prison because it helped he career tells you everything about what she’ll do for America.

    Polls are BS. All indicators not controlled by the media point to a Trump landslide.

  9. Mate you obviously didn’t watch the Presidential Candidate Debate.
    Harris got hammered and Biden and her have very different views, particularly health.
    They won’t play well together.
    All of the VP nominations have baggage and we know how a VP can bring down a Presidential Runner.
    Ironically it may well be the Presidential Candidate that brings down the VP.
    It’s going to be epic and who knows, if he can make the distance, the Democrats ‘Comeback Kid’ strategy just may work.

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