April 20, 2021


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"HAUNTING": Democratic Senator bemoans lack of $2000 checks

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20 thoughts on “"HAUNTING": Democratic Senator bemoans lack of $2000 checks

  1. He is my senator. I am not in agreement with him on everything, but in 2009, when the economy crashed and Wells Fargo refused to refinance my mortgage even though I had never missed a payment and had great credit, senator blumenthal was my only state legislator who helped me. I called both Dems and Republicans to request help in getting Wells Fargo to stop obstructing my attempt to refinance so I wouldn’t lose my home. Within six weeks of my contacting his office, Wells Fargo refinanced my home and I was able to keep a roof over my head. So thank you senator, and thank you for asking for the vote for the 2,000 stimulus payment.

  2. when mitch says if they send out 2000$ chks it will go to rich dems friends! and im just like mitch! is that what ur really worrying about rn! ppl need the money. the 600 will not do that ur claiming will go to needy families . that 600 also goes to "rich dems" so whats ur point!? u cant monitor every american and their bank account. ppl need the money sign it sheesh

  3. I wish they would stop saying we are the greatest nation in the history of the world. We were for our time period. Many came before us and many will come after us basically because we have put aside our working class and worship our upper class as if they are Gods. When that starts to happen, nations topple and can only claim that they were ONCE great.

  4. Everyone I know on both sides hate McConnell and it shows allll over the comment section of videos and social media posts. It makes you wonder if his family reads them or he reads them, but yet he still keeps acting like a jerk. Must be exhausting being America’s most hated man at the moment 🤔

  5. It is ironic to see the senators give these speeches, essentially they are talking solely to Mitch McConnell and it is doing no good because he has the absolute power to block the bill so it is basically useless what they are saying this is bizarre I can't imagine the frustration they have with this man Mitch McConnell

  6. Listen to the lamentations of ONE of the FORTY-ONE DEMOCRATS who voted WITH McConnell to pass the NDAA WITHOUT voting on the $2000 stimulus checks. The one time Democrats actually had some leverage against McConnell, that even 12 Republicans voted against McConnell, but no, the Democrats just buckled and voted with McConnell. Reminder, the NDAA wasn't the spending part of the bill, it wouldn't cut off money to the military, it would have just forced McConnell's hand, but no, 41 Democrats buckled under and voted with McConnell, and that include Schumer. Bernie and 5 others were the only Democrats had the balls to vote no.

  7. I’m asking if people who make $40,000 are considered to be needy, how much more are people below poverty level to be considered. I receive SSDI and other people on fixed income have been trying to keep their heads above water. I receive a whopping $12,700 per year. Is that needy ??

  8. What gets me is that it was the government that closed us down and shut down the business, but they still got paid even though they do not need it. They need to take the responsibility for their actions and take care of the people they destroyed. Send the money band do what is right now.

  9. We need to remove him wake up there all in these together . There not with us . We own that building we own the White House the NSA the CIA the FBI the president of the United States it all belongs to us they will never give us what we need the oppressed or easy to control it will never change until we get off our couches stop typing and get into the streets and shut this s*** down but everyone's chicken

  10. Hey Mitch……Just a brief reminder per your obvious and critical need. This AIN'T your money, ain't your congress and ain't obviously a country you care about. Three Strikes !

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