June 17, 2021


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He Did MORE Than Just FALL In Line….

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46 thoughts on “He Did MORE Than Just FALL In Line….

  1. wait – no one said it or seemed to notice or care but I will:
    so they GATHERED together at camp david – BUT they don't want us to GATHER together

  2. I recently watched you in a conversation on the Tim Pool IRL channel, and found it sad that he mentioned news articles were being pulled off websites and posted on facebook.

    It is sad that people like me at one time had already developed the php source code that would prevent one website from harvesting the data ( such as news articles) from another website. Having people like Tim, Ein, and yourself ignore people who have developed the php source code to prevent these problems, to fuel a popular political argument for ratings, makes me sad.

    Likewise, it makes me sad that people like me, who have already developed a solution to the big tech problem, are being ignored, just to allow pseudo-right-wing journalist, something to complain about, again for ratings.

    The tech has already existed, it's just being ignored for the sake of ratings.

  3. China wants revenge against the West. American merchants shipped opium to China in the eighteen-thirties and forties and the Chinese haven't forgotten this.

  4. That yellow journalism is more yellow than my urine after I've walked 10 miles through the Mojave desert in July without any water in my canteen.

  5. Just the other day my mother in law mentioned that she’s been watching all kinds of stuff on tv that’s playing for “black history month” and said it’s making her feel ashamed to be white. ThTs just about the saddest thing I’ve heard and clearly their agenda is working.

  6. All the social divisions and attacks on Western ideals have a common denominator. The CCP, Big Tech and far leftist want to destroy any threat to their power. That's why attacks on masculinity, Western ideals, traditional religion, etc…have been so relentless and coordinated. Theres a powerful group that want America and what it represents gone.

  7. Thank you for the news.!! Yes so hard to Get real information these days. I appreciate you I shared this I’ll share you more often! Been following you a while but forgot about you glad I’m back

  8. I watched the terry crews interview earlier, it showed up on my feed and oh how I lost respect for him, I thought it was a bad ass interview tho and his reaction was a little funny

  9. This genocide is one of the worst human rights violations of our time, the worst part is; the mainstream media is too busy covering Biden playing video games to notice.

  10. I have family that was murdered by the CCP because of falun gong. I hear it doesn't matter and I am a baby to care about it because they deserved it for deciding to be a part of it…. I guess fack them for doing what they wanted.

  11. At approximately 13:15 he mentions 5th generation warfare: I have some food for thought that I believe is important. I moved to a Sr Citizen apt Sept 2005, it had been updated so everything was new when I moved in. That refrigerator worked well for many years. About 3-4 years ago we got a new management company running our apt building. They decided that everyone had to have the same model stoves and refrigerators so everyone got new stoves and refrigerators regardless if the old ones were still working. That new refrigerator lasted barely 3 years, when the freezer intermittently defrosted, refroze, then defrosted again back and forth. That happened to so many of those new refrigerators, mgmt didn’t want to see proof or check my refrigerator at all ! I had watched Cornpolio closely while it was still in China, at the 1st hint in the USA,I had stocked up on whatever meat I could afford aiming for high nutrition I especially bought a lot of beef liver and filled my freezer. Just before Thanksgiving 2020 the 3yr old freezer went and I had to throw mostly all of it out. I gave my neighbors some large 4 lb pkgs of bacon that were still okay, but I didn’t even have any meat left to cook for Thanksgiving dinner. Luckily the management had ordered new refrigerators, so I got a replacement as soon as I told them.
    This should be all in caps ( but it calls negative attention in the algorithms). My new refrigerator, since days after Thanksgiving 2020 has consistent problems. The refrigerator is too cold, freezing my fresh vegetables, so I had to lower the temperature twice, meanwhile my freezer isn’t cold enough, my ice cream is soft even became melted soup a few times. I’m afraid to try to freeze meats for anything longer than very temporary, I’m afraid of food poisoning ! So the Chinese can’t produce decent refrigerator thermometers (or don’t care to, or won’t ). So the problem is much worse than the loss of jobs in the US, who wants to have to buy a new refrigerator constantly ? Or if you buy it, it doesn’t work correctly, this is a Huge Problem ! We’re sending all our $$$ to China for major products that Don’t Work ? That’s what the old Soviet Union was like, most people didn’t have good working refrigerators (if I remember correctly) or washing machines etc, it was like they were living in a 1920s lifestyle in the 1960s or 70s. Well guys, that’s our future on the horizon !
    Another short story. This is important to understand why there is so many problems with Chinese clothing. I was trying to mail clothing for a family in need. The problem with the sizes on Amazon especially, ( also recently something I bought at Walmart ) is that there’s no consistency with the sizing. My recent Walmart purchase of a bathrobe for myself is my example. I did my best reading the size chart and the reviews carefully but WM doesn’t list the color purchased in the review. (Amazon yes and no depending on the most recent app update? Sheesh ! I wrote them about the problem many times). An American clothing company orders my robe for manufacture in China, they order 3 separate colors, Red and White, and Blue, The robe is popular and sells a lot, but reviews are all over the place concerning the fit, too big, too small, sleeves too long etc but it’s priced at a bargain price. So the American clothing company wants to order more colors, but the factory can’t take that order by they are all booked with the first orders. So the American clothing company has to now find another factory to make more colors, Purple, Forest Green and Black. Now there is a different set of problems with those colors, sleeves too short, or the robe is too long for most women unless you’re 6 foot tall etc. That’s the sizing problems with the same item at the same American Brand clothing company. Then different brands run small or plus women’s clothing has “Vanity Sizes” where if you’re normally a 2X you’re a size Large at that company. So it’s a real headache just to find anything hing simple in online clothing. I decided I needed to get the measurements of the folks I wanted to send clothing for. Mainly because the sizing differs so much between clothing brands.
    Important part Here — I decided to send tape measures to the family for the correct measurements. * I literally had to spend days trying to find halfway Accurate Cloth Tape Measure for clothing ! Unbelievable ! Every tape measure was incorrect ! Some were 1/4 inch off, others 1/8” off, or the first inch was cut off too short etc. No wonder why the clothing is a mess. One person measuring and cutting at one factory has a different tape measure than the other, never mind someone trying to convert from their familiar Chinese measurements into American inches specified in the American clothing company designs Never mind that poor person is forced to work 15 hour days 6 or 7 days a week, living on ramen noodles they cook on a hot plate in the company housing upstairs from the factory. Overworked, malnourished and basically a slave, their kids stay with the grandparents on the farm 1-2 days travel from their job. And good ol US dollars and investments are what built up China into a modern country ! So they can screw us now!
    I used to watch 2 white guys with a YouTube channel in China. The both married Chinese women that they met working jobs in China. One guy was American, his channel is LaoWhy86 and the other one was South African I “think”.. ADV China channel is their motorcycle travel videos. They both had motorcycles and had a videoriding to that China dam before it about to burst, and neighboring countries.
    The So African guy even had a video like “the problem with China”. He explained that the cultural revolution wiped out all the old ways and religion, so their claims of being such a old civilization are BS, they erased it all. Banning religion also erased their morals. Mr So African was so mad, there was a car accident with people hurt or knocked out in the car Mr SoA runs to help get the people out, bc gas was leaking. There was a whole crowd of Chinese circled around watching, Mr So A is yelling in fluent Chinese for the people to help him save the people. No one wanted to help, he said no one would get involved bc they thought it was a scam. Finally bc he kept yelling he sort of embarrassed them into helping. He was making a point that everyone is running a scam there, no one has any empathy bc they distrust everyone.

  12. So
    A little cold weather can shut half the country down and cause a massive disaster
    If our enemies could control the weather, wouldnt they just make it cold?
    So they cant control the weather, neither can we. Global warming is clearly a scam.

  13. We are sending billions of dollars to other countries when our own bridges, roads, and dams are in need of repair. I read an article that states our bridges nationally have a rating of D+. The same with our nuclear power plants. We as a people need to take back the power from our corrupt government.

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