April 10, 2021


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Help Get Keean Home!

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31 thoughts on “Help Get Keean Home!

  1. Hey get ahold of me and tell him if he could get too upstate new york (farther than syracuse) where i live i could tell him how to get back into canada but he would need a car. Assuming hey isn't home already. But either way i can still tell you how to get home if it happens again.

  2. Hey Keean!! I was denied boarding in Denver as well for the same reason. I just arrived in Canada and was told by CBSA officer that as of Jan 8 any negative covid test is accepted. I'm an fighting United Airlines to be reimbursed

  3. Justin Trudeau seems to allow the politicians to go home without a PCR test and ordinary people have to do the tests and cannot return home if the tests expires. It is totally unfair.

  4. No-way man, you and many others in the same boat were strongly advised against traveling to foreign destinations but you all decided you where to good to follow these simple suggestions. And now you're whining?? So sorry, Mac!!!

  5. This is not the only requirement. They have these arrive Canada apps that they say are voluntary, but are not. You have to fill out all of your information on the app, and show a receipt to the customs officer. They prompt you to check in everyday you are in quarantine, if you don't check in, you are threatened with police action. Also, if you are not from one of the only four provinces that have airports performing international flights, you will have another arrive app for that province.

  6. I just visited Cuba. They can do the PCR test and have the results within twenty four hours. Having said that, the Canadian government put myself and Canadians at greater risk by forcing me to go into public in Cuba twice to get the information they wanted. Once to take the test, and once to get the original signed results.
    Cuba and Air Canada Vacations had made the trip very safe. Originally, I was to land in Cuba, where I would be tested, go directly to the resort, spend a relaxing week, then directly back to the airport, and finally to my house.
    This is all designed as punishment for not abiding by the government's recommendations not to travel.

  7. Weed aka pot and Trudeau do not belong in the same sentence, do not ever insult mothers healing herb again! In fact this medicine has helped millions of children suffering with cancer and other illnesses. Another fact it helps ppl like myself to concentrate longer. I got 125% on my final coding exam….so please please don't say that again, and do refrain from name calling, you have more credibility with us over 40 folks and higher. Stay safe. Stay smart. Don't stoop. Stand tall

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