April 20, 2021


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Help! My bitcoin transaction has been stuck for 10 days. Is my bitcoin gone?

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41 thoughts on “Help! My bitcoin transaction has been stuck for 10 days. Is my bitcoin gone?

  1. Honestly do people still believe this snakeoil salesman? He sells boondoggle for a living. Bitcoin doesn’t suffer from these issues, BTC does. Because it was altered and mutilated to become a ponzi. In BTC people are being sold the idea that high fee money and not using p2p electronic cash, it turns into some mysterious digital gold that keeps going up in price because people think it is some mysterious digital gold.

    There is no external wealth creation, 60% of humanity can’t afford BTC and will end up using thirdparties again, remember how Bitcoin solved that??? And the fools keep buying into this narrative as they think they will have fun staying rich, not realizing this is a negative sum game where only good traders rip a second arsehole into bad traders.

    In the meantime BSV shows Bitcoin’s design allows for microtx (0.0003 usd tx fees) hundreds of thousands of times cheaper than BTC, whilst scalable and as powerful as ETH (that right now struggles with 50$ tx fees)

    Honestly when do people realize they have been lied to on grant scale. Get out of the ponzi look at the freakin chart, it is unsustainable….. and Satoshi is still around, he agrees that BTC is a ponzi..

  2. 14 days? Then why a transaction I did from a legacy wallet using a trezor in 2018 when. Bitcoin was around 16k bounced after 3 days? Did the wallet caused the transaction to expire before the 14 days? That happened even though the transaction fee was about $1 dollar

  3. Coinbase had me open a new account instead of giving me access to my old account, that I had for years. So, they have my ethereum and litecoin and will not give it to me. I hate that they have horrible customer service! Aren't they the largest wallet? Why on earth would they not have a support phone system??!! So frustrated!

  4. In 2017 I withdrew $250 of BTC out of Coinbase to my wallet; it disappeared from my CB account but never made it on blockchain info. Also zero customer support so basically this means cornbase stole from me and now owes me like $500. Never used it since.

  5. Thanks for your videos… Recent such videos, actually made me put a transaction to test with the lowest fee via exodus wallet 😛 LOL – 17+ days and unconfirmed… lets see how many more days to go…

  6. Hubris and advocating economic sensorship.

    The unintended consequence of small block bitcoin creates artificial scarcity that only enforces the wealth of OG bitcoiners, it does not improve payments on the internet as described in the bitcoin Whitepaper.

    If you didnt pick up on the gaslighting, I'll point it out –

    It's the users fault for picking a bad wallet, even though a wallet has minimal impact on whether your TX will be included in a block, you should just double spend your funds or wait 14 days 🤪

    But remember it's your fault

  7. that was such a great explanation. I remember the first time I had this happen when the coin first went bonkers in 2017 and I could see it but couldn’t understand how much to up the fee to move it. At one point the fees were getting wry high in the frenzy.

  8. A Good wallet that you can use that allows you to cancel transaction in the mempool and increase fees if it’s stuck in the mempool is

    Blue wallet I was previously using Blockcstream green but gree doesn’t allow you to cancel a transaction it only allows you to increase the fee

  9. This is not the first time fees have spiked because of full blocks. This is one of the reasons BCH forked in 2017. Check any site that shows the mempool and you'll see what happens when blocks get full.

  10. @aantonop The only issue is if everyone moves to a better wallet and pays increased fees, everyone will end up paying more but the number of transactions processed by the bitcoin network will remain the same. The problem is there are too many transactions. Paying a higher fee just passes your problem on to another user/transaction as the network does not increase its tx processing capabilities based on the fees paid. The only real solution is to create smaller more efficient transactions using segwit or any new technologies that allow transaction size to be decreased.

  11. I really want to see you debate Mike Green on Real Vision regarding Bitcoin. I think it would be an incredible conversation. Anyway we can get this to happen?

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