May 8, 2021


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Here Comes Negative Interest Rates and Hyperinflation Worldwide!

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43 thoughts on “Here Comes Negative Interest Rates and Hyperinflation Worldwide!

  1. I listen until I hear pro bitcoin commentary and then I stop. Do not conflate gold and bitcoin in any way. When things are so bad and the US dollar has lost 80% of its value are people really going to value another fiat currency that doesnt even exist in a tangible form or gold? Thousands of years say I take my chances on GOLD, not BTC but to each their own.

  2. how easy in usa you think the evil is in France, that s not so obvious for people to think this way..and I see a tendancy in France to judge usa like too much radical in everything..

  3. I don`t care about Trump, but when it comes to China…you are absolutely clueless. They are cheating like mfs. How the hell are you gonna have a free market when intellectual property is stolen and replicated for 10% of the cost in China genius? Do you even know who has the biggest counterfeit market in the world?

  4. Listen to looks like you're smart but what are you talkin about destroying us us already destroyed look at the China and have to be stopped to give China all money and China rip off us people wake up people we need 0 rate we need negative look at the Germans I have friends they left in it us would we pay mortgage is so high and they love you much better you don't want to live better dumbasses

  5. You forgot or intentionally skipped it: US companies can't allow China to steal all our IP – thru forced partnerships- and then sell it back to us cheap. They expect the government to do something about it…(I'm not saying it's right).

    But I do agree with you, CFRS = Communistic Federal Reserve System. Problem is, what are the alternatives and how does a nation implement it while precluding interference? A ree market monetary system will never be without political interference.

  6. There is no one left to go in debt. In the private sector. So the government will continue to print and spend until hyperinflation sets in. How can you have free trade and fake money that is being manipulated. Their is no way to balance trade. Government and fake money are destroying all currencies.

  7. a lot of Evil Wicked Entities / Crooks in high places …. I see BIGGEST DEPRESSION ahead . .
    and YES AMERICA will be the FIrst one to come back out of the Hole before the rest of the world …. and YES TRUMP will be the one to do it 😊😆😅

  8. What happens if your dog takes a sh.t in the background. Who picks it up. Come on Geoff. Looks like a beautiful country. Let’s keep it that way. Nothing worse than a toddler standing in dog poop.

  9. Negative interest rates allow debt to be paid back faster, less defaults, a quicker moving and growing economy. It allows people to be more prosperous and have more money left over to spend. I see it all as a positive 🤷‍♂️

  10. Negative interest rates, Keynesian economic absurdity, Feminism, SJW, socialism, communism, totalitarianism are the Great Filter of the Fermi Paradox.
    Civilizations are eradicated by self-destruction far more often than natural catastrophes.

  11. Why do you think that Trump has a picture of Andrew Jackson next to his desk? Trump's intent is to get rid of the central bank, like Andrew Jackson did. See X22 Report with Bob Kudla.

  12. I think that Trump's main objective now is to get China to observe intellectual property laws that have been enacted by their trading partners. China has been stealing our and other countries IP and using it to their benefit. No other country or president has forced China to do this before. China is famous for counterfeiting famous brands and stealing trade secrets. In order to make trade a level playing field, the Chinese must observe and enforce IP regulations. China does not currently live up to its own legal framework.

  13. Hehe – at about 12:4012:50 Jeff seemed to have a moment of revelation. Yes, Jeff, getting rid of all hard currencies would be disastrous – the criminals at the top would like nothing better. Which is why cryptos like Bitcoin — a 'cashless currency' – is a really bad idea. Hard currencies, even fiat, are not bad in and of themselves. The root is deeper. Most people just don't get it.

  14. Thank you Jeff, for verbalizing this. Ever since I heard about how the Rockefellers were working on a One World Government, where banks would run everything, and all money would be digital, as in 100% trackable and controllable by one authority, I knew that it was the recipe for world slavery. That would leave the guys at the top, the power to entirely steal away the means of purchase from anyone not in agreement with their system. One World Government: "Oh, you don't like how we do things? Whoops, now your account is at -10000. Better find a way to repay that debt, or starve to death. Good luck! Or wait, we don't really care."

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