May 14, 2021


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Here's How Texas Could Vote to Secede | The Glenn Beck Program

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40 thoughts on “Here's How Texas Could Vote to Secede | The Glenn Beck Program

  1. the Biden/Harris Communist Party with no regard for our Constitution & Bill of Rights is destroying our country. We can only preserve our liberty, freedom, and God given rights thru secession. I as a Texan will not live under the Biden tyranny and their communist agenda.

  2. You can't negotiate without the ability to leave the table. That's rule #1. It's the final option when you feel you are being treated unfairly or there is otherwise no arrangement you can come to. If we want to preserve the spirit of the united states, as it was intended to be run (without tyranny), secession is the only non-violent solution. And we can leave New York and California with the $26 trillion of debt they have accrued.

    Texas should leave but it should take Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia with it.

    Then after they are good and settled, they should see if Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Lousiana, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Wyoming want to join. The other states can filter back afterwards.

  3. I vote YES to succeed from the United States because of the politicians turning blind eyes on the very LAWS under the Constitution to hold this Country as a Union was broken, ignored, and refused to take responsibilities and acknowledgement that the Biden and team cheat, lies, and steals. The government of the United States did this under this administration, I a, .. as a Union body,”You DO NOT Ignore and cover up for cheats, lies, and steals.” What is the government of the United States NOW telling and teaching our young Americans. You can cheats, you can lies, and you can steals because he (Biden) and team did it and look, they are sitting if a big office. God Lord, NO. This is NOT what and how this great nation was found on. God Bless

  4. We should. Biden is a marxist puppet that negatively effects our state via executive orders. The more local a government the better. Let the people vote. We would be one of the few nations without a federal income tax. Glenn, go to texas nationist movement website and research a little. It wouldn't be war.

  5. If all the bill does is assert that Texas CAN secede, I think it's a moot point. Most Texans I know (including myself) assume that Texas (or any other state) can secede if the compact of the Constitution is broken by the Federal Government or other states. As usual, there's a whole lot of tough talk amidst political chaos, but I trust that the people of Texas could vote to secede without second thoughts if things ever did get bad enough for themajority of Texans to be considering it.

  6. Making Texas an immigration portal for Blue voters in future elections is the Dem agenda for immigration invitations. Couple that with an organized movement of voters from other Blue states. Texas must keep the "lights on" in order to keep it's energy resources!

  7. All republican states and counties should separate from Urban hipster big city snowflakes. These big city snowflakes have to rely on CCP imports to survive!

  8. Allowing the ruining of our economy, stealing an electric, threat of restricting firearms by which we protect ourselves with, sending our money to foreign nations such as Iran and Pakistan, not allowing people to go to church in certain states for a time during COVID, being more concerned for illegal aliens than for citizens, censoring our voices on social media.

    What more grievances do we need?

  9. If this does nothing more than get individual states to reassert their power, repeal the 17th Amendment, it will be a step in the right direction. After that the Federal government needs to be greatly reduced in size and reach.

  10. Glen,just to take the psychotic history of the CIA alone is your "history of a long train of abuses",We are rightly hated by many people and nation's around the world because of the great evils and DUPLICITY and corruptions not only perpetrated on foreign populations but on our own citizens…

  11. The heart of texas is still strong but the new people moving in don't know our values or our culture. They are chewing at the foundations and don't realize the damage they are doing. We have got to make them THINK about why they moved here !

  12. Saying its only a bargaining chip to be heard and not a real move to secede is pointless!

    What if California says "we're leaving if we don't get the federal government to listen to us"?

    Its like a child holding its breath because it didn't get what it wanted.

    Texas is probably the last hold out of traditional American values and that's why you secede because the rest of the US don't care for it.

    The Biden government want's control over how you live your life (socialism / communism), to conform to its globalist agenda and leftist politics, to live of its welfare in order to keep you in check. It supports radical agencies trying to "abolish" the USA and good family values though violence.

    Those are the reasons you secede.

  13. Yah. The federal gov’t. is corrupted beyond repair already! Even the FBI is corrupt…..if they can do it to President Trump, they can do it easily to every citizen. What is there to do but SECEDE…!!!

  14. the dem filed to take our guns and to put our family in prision the new weed law will let people of color smoke weed take pills cant go to jail the cops cant arrest any one death to texas

  15. The Texas repatriation documents were rejected until the secession clause was but back in, it was stipulated that we can not secede for the purpose of going to war with the United states. In world war 1 President Wilson forced Texas to remove that clause. This was later applied to the Supreme Court's an the judgment was in favor of Texas, so the clause was restored. So yes sir we still can walk away if an adequate number of the voters approve the move back to independence.

  16. The piece by peace destruction of the U.S. Constitution, starting at the Bill of Rights is a self evident, long train of abuses as one could witness….. I am in favor of secession. Long live the Republic of Texas!

  17. If Texas goes, it won't be just one state. There will be several other states who will do the same and join Texas, of that I'm almost sure. It will a sort of revival of the C.S.A.
    Although it may not be the historic states which made up the Confederate Republic of America. There may be one or two new states in that Republic, while some of the historic ones being part of the USA in this case I think. Virginia for instance will almost definitely not be a part the C.S.A 2.0, as it has culturally flipped I think. But some of the historic USA states may join the new Republic. And if it does happen, the new Confederate Republic will be the 3rd largest economy of the world.

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