February 27, 2021


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Here’s What REALLY Happened at the DC Protests Over the Weekend | The Glenn Beck Program

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44 thoughts on “Here’s What REALLY Happened at the DC Protests Over the Weekend | The Glenn Beck Program

  1. No matter how much hypocrisy you expose within our government, the only thing the will understand is bringing this same staged violence upon them and their property…
    They sleep safely at night at the expense of the American citizens…without our taxes they would not get paid, have all those benefits and the armed security details…
    Maybe it is time for a wake up call for some in our government who sit up on the high horses telling us what to do and what laws to follow all the while they do the opposite and do not apply those very laws to themselves..
    After all it is still WE THE PEOPLE who truly run this country right?

  2. I cannot fathom why people REFUSE to see that the MSM is purposely lying to DIVIDE Americans and divert the attention away from the corruption taking place all over the country, while WE are turning on each other. It should be ALL of us standing together or WE pay the price, not them. People are being used and manipulated to carry out orders for those that-in the end, will not help or back ANYONE but themselves!!!!They are using platforms to weaponize people and cause chaos because they know if we ALL bind together as one, they don’t stand a chance. P. "elect" refuses to meet with special interest groups now that he already has their vote? Doesn’t that say enough?

  3. It amazing that the cops were able to control trouble but we're it was antifa fools they could do nothing to stop the idiots from burning down businesses and looting in my opinion the cops in california and portland and Minneapolis had there hands tied so that damage could be done

  4. Why don't media talk about Biden he's the one that mention proud boy's why was trump blame for it look at the video fack check it trump responded to Biden then Biden jumped to another subject

  5. STOP with the Trump supporter victim narrative, still white privilege and your racism is showing. You're buying into the divide and conquer agendas so also not very smart and part of the problem, racism exist. BLM at least has a reason to not like your white selves , Trump supporters don't so BLM has given them a taste of their own medicine..call a whaaaambulance please

  6. That was so obvious that the establishment mainly the democratic party was definitely behind it. Funded by china, the clinton's to take attention away from her email scandal and epstein's inner circle which is why they had Trump on defense during his entire presidency. And don't forget ol georgie poo . They were firing on all cylinders this past five years and then some. Oh I almost forgot Big cheese 🧀 . I mean big tech

  7. So at some point it takes some violence to bring crowds under control. We cant condemn all violence. sometime its takes some violence to get people in cuffs. we need to get violent toward these left groups that are not being tamed by the government in these left cities.
    We need to be careful about where we protest.

  8. BLM, and antifa are simple cowards. They attack in groups and from behind. Never seen any one instance where this isnt true. When you go to these protests take pepper spray and collapsible batons. One good smack with a baton they'll sink like a brick.

  9. So the communists are better organized, have more sophisticated tactics and an extreme Fighting spirit and the police are protecting them… this country is lost without a revolution. The police are obviously part of the problem

  10. How do they know who it was? Do these people wear uniforms? Even then Antifa would not stop at wearing a uniform from the other side to obfuscate the issue. THERE IS NO LOW WHERE THE LEFT WON'T GO (especially Antifa).

  11. I feel certain those attackers were there to wreak havoc and make trouble. That is what Antifa does. At Charlottesville, Antifa started the mêlée (as told by impartial bloggers who were there). The police stood down for quite some time and if they had done their jobs that woman might not have been killed.

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