May 13, 2021


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Here's What Sitting Too Long Does to Your Body

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Stop and think for second: how much time do you think you spend seated?

It has been estimated that most people remain seated around 50 to 70% of the time that they are not asleep.

Spending hours and hours seated is so common that most of us don’t even realize it may be harming our health.

Most times, the first sign that we are sitting for too long is back pain. But that’s not the only thing that can be harmed by this bad habit.

In today’s video we are going to show you some of the negative sides to spending all of your time sitting.

The good news is that you can turn this around by adopting a few simple day-to-day habits.


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23 thoughts on “Here's What Sitting Too Long Does to Your Body

  1. I do sit a lot at work and at home. At work I try to get up and move around every hour. And at the same stretch
    Also sent a lot of water I go to washroom a lot too ( lol) and remember telling one of co worker since half the time I there I listen to radio and I might sneak a couple dance move in. Now at home I sit a lot because half the time I on my laptop on on my phone playing game but since I work nights I once I finish with laptop I move around and get some house work in before it time for lay down and go to sleep.

  2. So where did you get this information? Well we're all in trouble. I do get up when the commercial come on. I still have circulation problems. I exercise, going to physical therapy, eat vegetables.

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