May 12, 2021


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Here's What We Know About the Presidential Election Results | Pat Gray Unleashed

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37 thoughts on “Here's What We Know About the Presidential Election Results | Pat Gray Unleashed

  1. This looks like old news to me why are you picking at this The blaze next work has nothing but give me false hope I’m just gonna go with the flow thanks for giving me hope just for it to be tore down

  2. Trump supporters from all across the country must get together to protest specifically in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and Minnesota everyday until December 14th in order for the republican-controlled state legislatures to take the position that the results do not reflect the will of the people, and only then can they compel their state's electors to vote for Trump instead. Keep an eye on the calendar, the essential dates to protest are from December 8 till the 14th.

    In New Hampshire, the switch in legislature seats needs to take place before December 14 for the protests to yield the desired outcome.

    In Minnesota, the Republicans only control the Senate, so getting the electors to vote the other way is likely not going to occur, unless the democrat-controlled house gives in.

    He must present prima facie arguments in the state courts to be successful in the Supreme Court.

  3. $104 million for a Senate seat, Lets just have a look at exactly how much those jobs are paying? and people still think they have a DEMOCRACY? MASKS SHOULD BE WORN OVER THE MOUTH AND NOSE, NOT YOUR EYES PEOPLE!

  4. Trump was winning, then democrat states called off counting, then they continued counting when nobody was watching and suddenly found democrat votes all over the place magically appear.

  5. Weird how the ONLY States that don't know how to count LEGITIMATE votes are ALWAYS the "usual suspects". Keeping the integrity of the PROCESS is the ONLY way to assure a TRUE result. It is the year 2020 and a mass of almost 350 MILLION people can be tracked and notified for any number of reasons (your dog's licence is expired) but they can't issue and redeem a simple BALLOT without issue……..C'MON, MAN!

  6. No wonder he didn't campaign much … he knew he wasn't going to need to. The goose was already being cooked. What a way to win, Cheat!! I pray that those who have a conscience left, that this will start eating away at their souls.

  7. They had to let the Republicans keep the Senate so it would be easier to cheat Trump out. Lindsey Graham didnt thank Trump in his little victory speech because he really knows Trump didnt have anything to do with him keeping his seat???????

  8. They tried to get rid of trump since he's been in office so now this is just another attempt to get rid of him because they hate him so much because he is not a crooked politician like the rest of them it's just might be the start of the Civil War

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