May 13, 2021


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35 thoughts on “Here's what's happening on the campaign trail?


    Doug Force proves there is no

    Alberta’s Walter Kuhl’s letter to Rene LAVESQUE that he took to Pierre Trudue


    View and support


    Laura- Lynn for a new. COUNTRY

  2. I don’t know her name but she’s running against Andrew sheer and you is running for the PPC party I saw an interview and I thought wow she’s going to meet and kick and shoes ass I love it

  3. For the sake of not splitting the vote we should all vote for the people's party of Canada and that's how not to split the vote. Also anyone who is deeply religous should not be allowed to run for public office because they will defend their religion before the public interest.

  4. Just saw you be stupid on rebel media saying the human rights tribunal is to blame for "social justice" laws like the employment equity act and the gender rights laws the tribunal is accountable to.
    Smack yourself across the face for me! Think before you go full libtard!

  5. Life is all about values and priorities. The LPC and CPC have neither. It may take a couple of tries, but I think we will have a PPC government in 8 years time. Both of them care about growing the power of the banking class. If you can find a way to shrink the banking class, I think Canadians would love to take our resources and all live like multi-billionaires, except without the need for money.

  6. PPC 2019…looking forward to October and hope i get a chance to vote. Still waiting to hear of a candidate running in our riding Algoma Manitoulin Kapuskasing. Any news on that front??

  7. i'm with PPC Max all the way but i seen a Pakistani man named Tarek ??? he was crazy, he was mad for NO reason, cursing and swearing at security spitting on the guy and then a guy named Derek who is on You Tube and a Max supporter got spit on from this Tarek guy, he just went crazy spitting on and Derek didn't know what was wrong with him and then he started saying he can smell white people and Derek is some white crazy guy and on and on, it was a disgrace on the fat old Tarek guy, he even took a cane a gave Derek a wack in the head, literally used it as a weapon. Maxime has been quiet,NOT GOOD, not this close to October and once the Lunatic Trudeau Liberal goons and fence sitter spineless Scheer will be using this against the PPC and Max and I don't want this to hurt the PPC and Max, he will have to address it now and get it out of the way.

  8. If you guys want to know how rigged against you this election will be, wait until you don't get one seat in Alberta they are cheering for you to win, and set Canada straight again, this election is going to be a liberal/conservative fix. I had an open mind between Max and Scheer until he became pandering Andy.
    After Max announced his immigration platform He finally got me for having the guts to stand up with his opinion, after nobody else would touch it like this.
    I'm an immigrant that came here the legal way 19 years ago, with a job and money and have Canadian values . It makes me so mad about having to jump through flaming hoops, chase the carrot and perform other circus tricks to get in , when I wanted to be here.
    Then these people get in illegally just looking for the best free deal get treated better than tax payers that don't all have benefit plans and have to pay for all this.
    There are still people waiting legally that will probably get declined after waiting a few years, with the way they are going against certain people now. Thanks for all the PPC is trying to do for Canada. Rob Lussier will be getting my X on the 21st October

  9. Splitting the Vote: Nothing against the party PPC – I don't know much about them. But one thing I believe is that they will not win – they have no track record. They will get 'some' votes – so what else is left for them – but to SPLIT THE VOTE? The Green Party is another party that only seemed to be throw in to split the vote.

  10. This was the very moment Andrew Scheer lost my vote and my confidence. The firing of Mr. Cooper for simply defending the truth and stating his opinion. For stating these simple words…’Shame on you!’ Now what kind of leader would Andrew Scheer present if he is also displacing our freedom of speech!
    Voting PPC all the way!

  11. LAURA gooooo away!!
    Do not care what you and "BITTER" BERNIER have to say….will all be B.S.
    REVENGE Party will NEVER win and you know it. GIVE UP!!😛😛🤮🤮👹

  12. CPC ? ….why do these retards blindly assert supporting these conservative dummies??

    They are just as big a traitors as the libtards.
    PPC is our only hope !!

  13. look what happened a couple of days ago here in Winnipeg Manitoba couldn't even go for a PPC event because of Muslims threatening members and event holders like venues, meetings have been cancelled because of safety concerns and threats against followers and members??

  14. Surprizes? Damn right. EVERY Single Canadian politics You Tube story has 30 or MORE x as many PPC supporters over PC. Scheer is a "nice" guy. However at 40 years old, his patterns have been set & he simply is not strong. He copies or caves in to liberalism. One of many examples : I heard a reporter ask him if he too, was a "male feminist", like Trudeau. Shockingly, Scheer replied yes. NOT PM Material! He's too afraid to say what he REALLY thinks!
    MAXIME – ize Canada!

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