22 thoughts on “Here's Why $5000/oz Is a LOW PRICE For Gold”
  1. I think $5000/oz for gold will be scary. I have just checked on the price of other commodities relative to gold. almost every other commodities's price are down when measured by gold: rice, sugar, wheat, cotton, flax, beef, poultry, palm oil, copper, aluminum, etc. I wonder if those prices will ever catch-up with gold (means purchasing power goes down, currency saving will bleed, and many will suffer as inflation will be higher) or whether 'gold' will rise alone. if so, then an oz of gold will be able to buy a year worth of grocery, or more.

  2. Bullshit!.. there is not enough gold for the masses, so its a bullshit lie.. there will always be paper fiat currency..So not everyone can have gold , not only that the government can imprison you if you dont turn it in… I say bullshit up your asses!!

  3. The U.S. Common Man needs to start a drive to ensure that any US citizen can privately own Gold and Silver in their personal possession or stored elsewhere and that US govt can never Decree otherwise. This and the 2nd Amendment are paramount to ensure our personal Freedoms continue provided in the US Constitution !

  4. I can see gold going well over 5k an oz too. I've been investing in gold since the early 80s when it was right around 300 an once. People should be purchasing as much as they can before the dollar collapses, because once that happens it'll skyrocket.
    For those who can't afford to purchase it by the once, there are a number of places you can buy it by the gram. That makes it affordable for pretty much everybody.

  5. I think Silver will still out perform gold. You can't do anything with gold but hold and kiss it. Silver can actually be applied to almost all electrical needs that we are currently using and absolutely need in future commerce. Also silver is way more scarce than gold when it comes to it's current above ground amount. Many experts believe there will be no more silver to find in about 20 years.

  6. Mike you’re wrong! The fiat linked together through the BIS should be measured against the gold held by those CB’s to get the true value because the amount of euros printed (for example) will also drive gold price in dollar terms

  7. I don't understand how people think that gold would be 5k an oz.. I mean every country is stock piling large amounts of gold right now and prices are dropping.. They are buying it up like nobodies business.

  8. What I really would love to know: how much gold does the US really possess? No, not what they tell you they do, but what they actually have. Why has nobody seen the US gold in such a long time?

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