May 11, 2021


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Here's Why Trump MUST Investigate the 2020 Election Results | Stu Does America

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23 thoughts on “Here's Why Trump MUST Investigate the 2020 Election Results | Stu Does America

  1. What are you saying Stu?? Biden knows he is winning so he wants votes counted? NO! Bidens campaign is the poster child for corruption, propaganda, hiding because HE KNEW WHAT WOULD HAPPEN!

  2. This election smells and my president is Trump president Trump did More for this country than biden did in 47 years and biden win we the people must not allow this or USA will be taken over by Russia and China

  3. UK mainstream media had biden winning in the polls, winning on the night, and won before most states finished counting. Their agenda and subsequent delight was obvious to see. Some people in the UK are not massive fans of Trump, but they supported him because biden was not a viable candidate.

  4. Recounts in Nevada Arizona Pennsylvania Philadelphia north Carolina California. Michigan Pittsburg Georgia Alaska in Arizona hid 300.000 in the back of a farm and every state should be recounted

  5. if u saw the map of these counties in these states on tuesday night ,most of them were red,trump needs to ask for an independent audit of the mail in ballots,form tuesday night to saturday,what percentage went to Biden as compared to Trump,could an electorate of a 100,00 come up with 300,000 votes all for the same person,simple statistics says no,especially if there are no observers,and no signatures required

  6. Seriously the people have spoken because they had enough of the Trump.This administration has been a nightmare even my republican friends voted blue.Get a grip on reality.Trump was claiming voter fraud months ago.Pathetic.

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