April 20, 2021


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Homeless man FINED in Melbourne for 'breaching curfew' by living in his car

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43 thoughts on “Homeless man FINED in Melbourne for 'breaching curfew' by living in his car

  1. Have a heart tyrannical robots do not have a heart They don’t even have a mind brother, Sounds like the police force are raking in thousands of dollars from COVID-19 they’re loving it they’re all scum let’s be honest

  2. Are the cops not smart enough to realize that mailing addresses and residential addresses can be completely different I have not lived at the address on my ID in 22 years and when I am questioned about it poeple have no problem understanding why my residential address and the address on my ID do not match its getting very hard to defend and support the police and their claim that they are just doing their job is not an acceptable reason.

  3. There was a time when the police were our friends, they did what they were meant to do and that was they protected the innocent, they upheld the law and they and they punished the wicked, just as God originally intended them to do. (Romans 13). But now even the police can be bought off now, not even the police force are safe from the temptation of the devil.

  4. Seems homeless is a sin. I hope this is wrong. Really sad to read such a story: the police has lost the sense to discriminate positively (to enforce law according to the law) but has been discriminating people very negatively.

  5. Great interview and documentary… I hope to hell we aren't on the path that the US is on and what is happening in LA and Skid Row… How would one get in contact with Daniel if they wanted to help out? I live in Frankston…

  6. See how many people are homeless after the whole pandemic thing is over and the banks foreclose on hpmescant people who have lost jobs are homeless, it makes us wonder what the government have planned for the homeless, That's the legal corporate Democracy people, whilst the Majority live some place so should you, MAJORITY RULES people, it's not fair its not in our Constitution, at best one must envisage that the homeless will be taken off the streets by the government's, and i would hold my tongue as to what would happen to them when they evoke the old vagrancy laws, remember if you are in a Democracy you must be a benifit to society, my heart goes out to those people by no choice of their own to be on the fringes of society, outcasts, and as we heard, they get rocks and abuse thrown at them, Wow Australia this great nation of our has not changed a bit, That's exactly what they did to Aborigines, the first nation people, get rid of the East India trading company now, before they get rid of all of us.

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