April 20, 2021


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29 thoughts on “House Dems Want to Cancel Conservative News Channels?

  1. We are quickly becoming an authoritarian country by means of intimidation. People need to understand this isn't just coming for the things they disagree with. It's coming for their dissent too.

  2. The 1st does not allow you to yell fire in a theater and all those outlets pushed the baseless claims of voter fraud until they were sued by Dominican and are still allowing veiled suggestions of fraud by their guests.

  3. I think the whole concept of trying to control disinformation and misinformation is kind of a non-starter. I'm rarely convinced by the fact checks. Any single topic from coronavirus death toll to oil and gas subsidies to vaccine injury is extremely complicated with hundreds of competing "facts" that need to be taken into account to get a full and complete picture. Many or most headlines are misleading in some way. It usually becomes an argument over context and semantics and opinions about things that aren't fact checkable like feelings. I was surprised when people I know starting defending the idea of censorship on facebook and youtube earlier in 2020 and the upholding of "science" like some holy grail. I think anyone who has a PHD and has read a lot of academic research would tell you "science" is kinda bullshit. It's just as swayed by corporate interests and preexisting mainstream belief systems as other things are. Not to mention you can always just say these key meaningless phrases to write anything off: "there's no evidence that" and "more research is needed".

  4. What conservative channels…I know you are not saying that Fox is conservative! They are the greatest of deceivers …all of MSM are liars simply reading a script. There is no true within them.

  5. Excuse me…but, as a patriot, I object to ANY entity or person endeavoring to control what I am "allowed" to think and say. Period. There is NO room for discussion on this. When censorship raises its ugly head, it is time for swift judgement and action. Everyone is shying away from the concept of armed confrontation to address the censorship issue. But I ask you; when the Department of Justice is in total, what other option is there? The problem is that we have become so coddled and needy that the nanny state has no problem incrementally removing our God given rights. We have become spoiled by a system that seemed to work for a few meager generations and we now, mistakenly, believe that we can change the tyrant's mind by complaining to the tyrant. That logic is so askew it's laughable. We had either better be able to find some way to EXTORT the PTB into submitting to our demands or take it out in blood. Sorry folks, but THOSE are our ONLY options.

  6. Fakebook Screwtube Twitter Instagram Google are banning, censoring, locking out, shutting down, expiring, terminating, anyone who speaks the truth about pedophiles, political leaders and politicians and presidents who are totally corrupt and covid-19 lies and truth, vaccine lies and truth, Fact Checking with a False Narrative everyone, everything and anything.
    These are what is called communist socialist media propaganda platforms. 👀

  7. Seriously though, TV is already dying.. congress is just putting the nail in the coffin. Who benefits? Tech, tech will be the only beneficiary of the next four years, not us, not anyone but tech. The stock market will reflect this, right Nancy Pelosi..that 1million in Tesla will pay off for her big time.

  8. This is Absolutely just UNBELIEVEABLE!!! People better Wake Up! and understand the FACT that COMMUNISM is at the foot of our doorstep! These Representatives Should be un-seated! They took an oath to uphold the Constitution Of The United States Of America! Yet what they're doing is the Antithesis of that!!! They Need to Go!!!

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