October 17, 2021


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How Australia cheated East Timor of its oil

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28 thoughts on “How Australia cheated East Timor of its oil

  1. The West is full of hypocrisy as they are full of it. They only claim to want a "rules based order" when facing against a superior opponent like China or Russia, but they will disregard any law and exit from any international treaty when it suits them and the entire western media will be silent, unless of course if it were the other way around ie the South China Seas. The world needs CHINA more than ever as a counter balance to the evil western empires

  2. Another Aussie here embarrassed as hell about our treatment to Timor. The Timorese have been through so, so much, and our government just screwed them over. disgraceful.

    Been to Timor a few times, and they're bloody trying to pick themselves up after the Australia approved horrors they've been through. Really bloody trying. People are putting in the effort. And we just go up and screw em over.

    Our pols often talk about the Aussie battlers, and giving people a fair go. Yeah this is how much they actually believe in that. (not that give a damn about most of the people in actual strife in Australia in the first place.)

    To hell with the bastards.

  3. yupe and the so called sole super power even destroys nations to ashes over oil . at least austrlia is not that big of a bully and its quiet chill country , his big bro US is the most disgusting of the anglosaxon countries .

  4. The video phrases the last part as if China has ever been focused on a rule based order. If anything, that couldn't be farther from the truth and Australia has no reason to bother now that China has entered the discussion. I was agreeing with the video until he brought that up.

  5. Fun Fact: Gerald Ford and Henry Kissinger were actually in Jakarta a day or two before Indonesia invaded East Timor. And while the genocide was taking place, American media could not stop talking about the horrors of the Khmer Rouge.

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