March 3, 2021


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44 thoughts on “How Can A Global Conspiracy Work? – Questions For Corbett

  1. said it before and I'll say it again. If all of what you say is true and documentable, how come they haven't bought you off or removed you? Half a million subscribers spreading this knowledge could multiply fairly quickly and potentially provoke an awakening amongst the masses or even a backlash towards all theses schemes. Wouldn't it be easier to nip this all in the bud or is there some even darker reason for allowing this channel and your spreading of this information about these grand schemes to go on?

  2. Just attempting to find any doctor and any scientist that questions anything about this juggernaut of a Vaccine program is pointless if they disagree or question their career ends right there no funds no job sure focuses the mind doesn't it , not one presenter on TV Radio or in the press raises questions not one they are collectively fkn gaged,problems were reported on day one because of side effects disappeared all gone ?

  3. I have no time to waste talking to people who have no concept of hierarchy – the few making decisions that affect the many, without informing said many of their policy deliberations, is how every large organisation works. Or who, as James says, are not arguing in good faith

  4. Companies that are building telecominfrastructure and the electric grid in countries all over the world.

    They own the hardware in the system so its easy to get first hand information!
    I know i am from Sweden.

  5. Read some Aldous Huxley biographies and more of his own thoughts before you leave the door open for people doubt his humanity. I recommend his anthology’The Perennial Philosophy’. I also recommend David King Dunaway’s ‘Huxley in Hollywood’.

  6. Mmmm so we horrible humans polluting the environment breathing out carbon monoxide
    Soooo why are they dictating us to wear mass and make sure now we cover our nose ! Mmmm !

  7. I often wonder what would happen if ppl said…okay let's talk about population growth.. Because it's behind lots of things they like to blame, immigration, environmental issues etc.

    They treat us this way because they think we can't deal with it. We need to start calling their bluff on this bs. They are acting cloak and dagger because they want rid of us or they think we can't discuss these issues? Probably both.

    But I say bluff gets called. Death panels? Let's talk. Let's smoke them out.

  8. I had a dream where i was surrounded by what looked like Osterich bums , with feathers sticking in the air ! As i watched people being marched into barbed wire fenced areas . When i turned around the heads were coming out of the sand , but they were people , they started running away , but it was too late , the wired gates were all around us !! WAKE UP PEOPLE WE ARE HERE ,,, ARRIVED AT THE EDGE … COME ON FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOMS OR THEY WILL BE LOST FOREVER !

  9. So why do we as healthy human beings subject ourselves to rules that restrict our thinking. It's not normal to be hermit crabs?
    We need social interactions and touching shaking hands, hugging etc. Why are we agreeing to this lockdown here in Ontario Canada?

  10. I’m not sure how closely you read the comments here but I’m curious your thoughts on the idea of starting a counter intelligence agency?

    In the 1960’s and 70’s a small counter culture group that labeled themselves discordians successfully pulled off a fake conspiracy to the United States government trying to tie themselves to the jfk assassination and the Illuminati. You will find better info by looking it up than I can summarize here but they called it “operation mind fuck” and had decentralized groups of people all around the country contributing to it

    If they were able to pull this off in the 70’s with letters and phone calls it seems like it could be even more effective in the Internet age. I’m not exactly sure how one would make this happen but it’s a fun thought and something that could be legitimately effective in resisting authoritarian control if it were to be done

    I guess 4chan effectively acts in this way nowadays like the whole Q conspiracy really got its start there, but that ended up biting all “conspiracy theorists” in the ass because now people who question the narrative seem even less credible

  11. I wish the question asker would maybe get a little more specific in his/her speculation about worldwide conspiracy. For instance is he/she suggesting that this current virus pandemic is a conspiracy to cull a significant portion of world population? Just wondering. And as far as the media, the media is censored, but that doesn't mean that it has a copy of the "master conspiracy plan" or anything. They are controlled by the ad revenue which is kind of the same entity as the ownership of the media or the ownership of the ownership of the media, because they are also the ownership of the ownership of most of the main advertisers. But as far as elite west and elite east working on the same project, I do not see that at all. I think the elites have a lot in common, and the elite west is more at odds with the western commoners than they are against eastern elite. See what I mean? So as far as global class war, that is not so much a conspiracy as just, well, natural as bleak as that sounds. When electronic media is so pervasive and insidious it can really seem like we are lab rats. And the content that continually comes over the wires and the airwaves is like a cage of the mind. So get out as much as you can, into nature with friends and family. But I see it more as a kind of techno-feudalism. I heard this term first from Yanis Varoufakis. Imagine the world 300 years ago. Elites were suppressing serfs, slaves, and commoners and debtors all around the world, it wasn't a grand conspiracy, it was humanity and capitalism and agriculture and markets and general cruelty towards fellow man. Now with global monopolies driving global consumerism and global finance and even global propaganda, it's getting effing weird. One disturbing thing about Bill Gates and his "genius" ideas is that nobody that is even close to his peer is giving him any challenge or pushback. Because he helps other oligarchs transfer wealth in a completely undemocratic way. Watching him give a speech in the Indian government building with Modi looking on was quite disturbing. Kudos to Corbet.

  12. I fell into this whole rabbit hole when my kid called me a terf. Had no idea what that was so researched it. Discovered I was gender critical and all the shit that followed.

    I discovered that the trans lobby was incredibly powerful and wondered where their finances were coming from to make the changes to culture and put pressure on governments. I hung out on Reddit and came across transhumanism at the same time. Every time I looked at the finances it always seemed to go back to transhumanism.

    Although a lot of it was steeped in feminism too – it became clear that if trans ppl either had the operation or even females took the testosterone for xx period of time – they wouldn't be able to reproduce. This just chilled me.

    Jennifer Bilek's 11th hour blog is fascinating. This article is fascinating.

  13. When you finally realize that there are super computers with human-like artificial intelligence tasked with forecasting nearly limitless probable futures and how humans will react to them, then yes, it becomes very simple to believe that a small group of people could control the entire world. Just think of all the data the entire internet produces on a daily basis about human behavior….

  14. China and Soros paying politicians to destroy their own countries with illegal immigrants and pitting ethnics against each other. Plain as day to see , except the stupids don't see it.

  15. RNA injected into cell = over activation of immune system =
    Immune system attacks cells ( like arthritis ) =storm going on with will horribly sicken or kill the human race !

  16. Me again !! Thanks for All the links and all the information my friend you are the most legitimate truthful and integrity filled reporter of the facts and I for one ☝️ am very grateful. Namaste 🙏

  17. 1. Injunctions = house arrest
    2. ¥@×i£n = genetic engineering
    3.gates take over food supply. ..plant base genetically altered . ===
    New species! And less species!

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