April 10, 2021


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How Champions Lose – Reaction to a Player Losing a Championship Game

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38 thoughts on “How Champions Lose – Reaction to a Player Losing a Championship Game

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  2. I forwarded this video to Donald Trump and a few of his followers I know. I don't think their ready for it yet, but keep doing the Lord's work. 😂😂😂

  3. First thing to do tomorrow : send the bill with one years interest on top. Legally reasonable and goes right… This video dis right thing for me… Third comment. God bless you sir

  4. So basically what i took most of your words sir: losses will happen… That cured my resistance immediately…. Wow… The song is called Vitko Mind – Keep the change. You can listen to it for free.

  5. Wow. This video is fantastic. PBD says so much in this short space of time. You will always be a "victim" if you are blaming someone else. It doesn't matter if they really did what you are blaming them for. It took me to the point of nearly losing my life and the day I read that, "…you will always be a victim if you are blaming someone else.", it hit me like a cold slap in the face. After that, I let go of it and never looked back. Literally words to live by. Oh, and I love the laugh! PBD you are laughing like a king! Thank you.

  6. Happy new year Pat! You are the role model I didn't get to have growing up as a teenager having to figure it all out by myself! Just bought "Your Next Five Moves". Thank you for everything.

  7. I live in Western Oregon and have managed to keep my sole proprietorship of 25 years afloat. My heart is witj Central and Eastern Oregon, but my business is in the West. So conflicted.

  8. Damn, I'm fearful of blindly listening but it doesn't seem a dangerous idea. The last semesters have been pain. This next semester is a chance to prove myself. I don't know what'll kill me first, the pain from my failures or the pain from waiting to prove myself.

  9. I remember a long time ago being so emotionally underdeveloped that I would feel like "losing" to someone mattered. But seriously David? PAIN from not being first? You may want to bring this to your psychologist so you can put that narcissism in check.

  10. Growing up as an athlete when you lost big games those were always the fire that fueled you into the offseason to never have to taste that feeling again. You wanted to let that feeling burn inside you and take the pain and use it to improve your game or it could also help you in your career or whatever it is you are ultimately trying to achieve. Turn that feeling into something that drives you. 💪🏽 Much love ❤️

  11. Anyone who thinks sports is important past or future is missing the big picture. Nothing that takes place is ever going to effect your future. Some nerd right now is making the next life changing invention. There is nobody in sports history that ever created anything worth value

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