May 14, 2021


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How China Caused The World To Lock Down

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25 thoughts on “How China Caused The World To Lock Down

  1. Something is wrong when firstly, an election is coming up.
    Secondly, that they ended up with a weaker US president being elected in their favor along with the largest GDP for the year out of all countries for 2020. 🤔

  2. they also knows virus/bio weapon cheaper and untraceable than neu…..ok uncontrollable but will non human rights countries care? they said and book said it no limited warfare

  3. The people behind this, there is a group of people that is, one of them are the Banksters, why are we not talking about following the money, as well

  4. Liked and subscribed. Thank you for sharing this here, and allowing comments too. Thank you for sharing your work and due diligence here. DOJ/Congress/SCOTUS piss on USA & MSM tells us it's raining. Don't slip me a roofie and call it romance. I see a Clear and Present Danger today by traitors who have worked against the best interest of American voters. I live in terror everyday from random violence because I live in Saint Louis MO.

  5. The CCP was only able to do this in collusion with the Democratic Party and RINOs of the USA, Big Tech, America Inc, MSM. This is old style imperialism the Chinese learned it from the British East India Co. There is nothing new under the sun.

  6. You have to wonder what role Twitter, Google, Facebook, Apple and other big companies are playing as it regards going along with the CCP propaganda. The Epoch Times has been reporting on this same subject–that the CCP deliberately released this virus, and the Epoch Times has now been suspended by some of these companies.

  7. I going to read ur full paper on the link. The talk was intresting but it only conveyed a narrative it isnt orderly enaff and witout spesific data points to cpnvey convincing argument. I sugest u make aredo with more ordery unpacking of key information points u collected. Rigth now its mostly sounds like a tinfoilhat story and that regretebel when we on the presapice of the biggest loose of humen rigths and freedoms in the world in the last 100 years or so.

  8. Hopefully more people will awaken to what is actually happening. We need to stop wearing masks. They can make us leave but sooner or later they will have no customers! Our government and elite billionaires know exactly that this is all a control tactic and if we don't speak up there will only be the elite and street people. Our right to speech is already being censored.. Lynn

  9. FINALLY someone highly intelligent who summed it up to perfection!

    The second it became obvious that the actual virus had nothing to do with the propaganda videos coming out of China, I came to the same conclusion, though I obviously had not all the elements in hand, at first. After moths of studying all the available information – including loads of scientific articles (I studied physics, so I have a scientific background), both pre- and post-Wuhan virus, and the observation of the propaganda and censorship in China-controlled social media, I came to the exact same conclusions. It's glaringly obvious.

    THANK YOU for doing a great job!

    You are also a brilliant speaker, Mr.Singer. Very glad to have learned about you. I will spread this like wildfire.

  10. ASK THESE CDC DECTIVES , " HOW COME THEY ARE USING THE DRAWING ARTIST picture of corona virus from even 201 still? That is not a real image of corona virus.. infact the drawing is made up and you keep still using it.. ? Detect that one for us? Why use a make believe picture still and how come no one is asking why? Also they used this image for some concert at te olypics back years ago as well a simular one to make a scary scen play? mmmm

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