October 17, 2021


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How do computers and the internet work? – Computer Science Basics

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50 thoughts on “How do computers and the internet work? – Computer Science Basics

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  2. The translation to Portuguese was made by the Secondary (High) School students of IFSul – Campus Gravataí, a Brazilian federal public school. Class 1M-B “Informatic Basics”. I would like to congratulate the students for this work.

  3. Ok so I watched some more and this video and I’m sorry Briana Pcie is not better than pci because its smaller as you said, its an entirely different type of communcation (serial not parallel) and allows for way more throughput. This was a needed thing back in the day when the parallel communication of the card would bog down the entire system. Pcie was a major breakthrough because it could not go fast enough to reach the potential clockspeed of that everything else was able to sync to the crystal with. So Pci would slow down your system or at least keep it from reaching its best performance.

  4. Thats a confusing description of a power supply for someone who doesnt know better. “Its usually the part of the computer that has that fan on it to keep from overheating.” A lot of cases now are designed to keep the power supply hidden and the fan hard to seee with little noise. For instance gaming computers with a glass case and all of those fans with the fancy lights (for graphics, processor, or anything else besides the power supply)

    The fan that would be the easiest to see could very well be the fans just to keep airflow through the case, one sucking air and one blowing this would likey also be the biggest fan(s) on the unit. When you suddenly hear a fan get louder that is your processor fan. Also on laptops the fan is never on the power supply. The best way to learn is start studying for the comptia A+. Mike meyers has a good book. Take it one step at a time and dont listen to people trying to explain many years of evolving engineering and technology in 20 minutes. This will only confuse you. Check out professor messer, and the networking tutorial videos from thenewboston he is great.

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