March 5, 2021


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31 thoughts on “How ETH EXPLODES To $50k (ETHEREUM BULL RUN 2021)

  1. People dont realize how much Ethereum thst big indtitutions and governments will hoard. Nit to mention retailers locked in staking.

    Marketcap is very misleading because of this. Big difference between a fully diluted mcap and an actual mcap based on circulating supply. Everything being built on Ethereum. Its a monster. 50k could actually be fud. My target anywhere between 50k and 100k plus.

  2. Sounds out of reach today, but if all stocks, bonds, real estate deeds, pink slips, game collectables, insurance policies, identities, payments, wrapped btc, wills, prenuptial agreements, grades, graduation certificates, smog checks, laws, donations and everything else you can possibly think of ended up on ethereum, your $30k would be low.

    It's possible and I personally think likely ethereum will eventually become the central hub for everything. It's value could potentiallyl exceed all of the internet and the top companies combined.

    Don't be fooled by the day to day. The goal of ethereum is to hold all the world's value. In the form of tokens and programs.

  3. $50K/ETH would bring the Ethereum market cap to $5,683,363,300,000. That's $5.6 Trillion dollars. To put that in perspective, the entire crypto market is only worth ~550 Billion.

  4. If Bitcoin falls ETHEREUM is falling too,then how is it possible to reach $50K,bitcoin is struggling to surpass $20K,if again bitcoin falls down then it's nothing,because am from INDIA $50K over there is an Life Changing moment🙂

  5. Eth is literally spaghetti code, it’s going to need ETH 2.0, 3.0 , 4.0, etc. The price will decently go Up but 50k is a completely foolish guess. If you didn’t get in at like less than $80 like most of us than eth has no future.

  6. what charts you are looking at wtf guys what is wrong with you , all of you screaming here ETH at least 1k befire EOY, ETH 10K 2022, where is your charts ,analysis etc.. that doesnt mean it will reach those numbers just because you wish.. wtf.. btw my 70% portfolio is in ETH.. but im realistic.. our target is anything over 1k.. there is huge resistence around 900-1000USD .. so if we get there at some point we are gooing to consolidate for a quite time , stop fkin spreading disinformations and better look at some youtuber with better analysis.. 99% content creators on youtube just trying to PUMP their crypto..ffs

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