May 14, 2021


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How Germany became a powerhouse

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  1. What amazes me is that 19th century Germany could catch up with other major powers even though it had no significant overseas colonies. Spain, England , French and the Netherlands had centuries of head start accumulating riches from their colonies, but were quickly overtaken by Germany.

  2. When South Korea start to rebuild their country after Korean war, they had very very few education population, but they are able to fully industrialise within few decades, I can made a high efficient and performance electric motor and electric generator within few days in my workshop, but it take British more than hundred years to fully industrialise and decades to invent and develop electric motor and generator, does it mean South Korean a me being more intellectual supreme than 19th century British scientists and inventors, NO!! Like Germans, they just and to follow and copy what British already do and invented, that's the reason they can industrialise their country so fast, just like China do today.

  3. Shirvan, your summary trying to embrace surch a long period is quite qualitative, meanwhile you have to bring 2 important corrections to your explaination : 1) Prussia didn't play a great role during the Napoleonic Wars, they were wiped out almost imediately during the Iena and Auerstadt battles by the French Armies and their territory sharply reduced because they were a small ambitious vulture State cutting into pieces their neighbours like Poland (shared 3 times) or Austria with the take over of Silesia. Paradoxally the war against France and their defeat was à blessing for them because they appeared like victims with the nationalism of Queen Louise against the French oger and the rest of Europe could forget their sins and military expansionism. But Napoleon had a great merit because he put down the false invincibility reputation of the Prussian Army facing a more efficient one as all was relying on Command and as Frederick the Great had passed some generations before. So Prussia had no major role but they partcipated in the very end only, with Blucher, in Naoleon's final defeat in Waterloo. And even there, they were not the right cause of the French defeat simply because the French citizen themselves were fed up of Bonaparte's wars and didn't really supported him if not betrayed him to put an end to undending conflicts in Europe taking a too high tribute in the French population as well as in Europe. So Prussia became important after the Vienna Congress ONLY as continental counter power to avoid a new rise of a French hegemony besides Austria but it was a deep mistake of the Allied because granting Prussia to annexe the Rhine industrial Confederation modernized by Napoleon himself, they created a far worst Conservative, militaristic and hégémonie Monster than France, without the democratic seeds 2) The second myth that you have to put down in your speech is the glorious German unification on the back of the French as common ennemy since Louis XIV. The French has superior rifles with a better precision during the 1870 War but Germans had a longer range artillery which was decisive during the siege of Sedan. Meanwhile it is not the cause of the French defeat. Without really knowing the French political internal situation when Bismarck attacked France, the country was not stable politically because Bonaparte's nefew had done a coup d'Etat tout cancel the Republic that had brought him into power. So Napoleon the 3rd ned outer sucess or victorious wars outside to keep in power and because of that he easily fell into the trap of the Ems' mail made by Bismarck. The result of that in the French side were strong internal divisions about the preservation or not of the Empire regime and treatchery with Marechal Bazaine prefering to surrender to the Prussian Monarchists than supporting a new Republican patriotic regime which had put down Napoleon the 3rd after the Sedan defeat and wanting to continue the fight against Germany. These divisions had their climax during the siege of Paris when La Commune was crushed by a monarchist French government called the Versaillais (in a kind of Parisian civil war) and who let Prussians annexe Alsace and Lorraine to keep their private properties safe from the invasion. This treacherous behavior was sanctioned by the rise of a new 3rd Republic which amnestied the Communards sentenced to hard labour in New Caledonia and rearmed imediately with a 3 Year military service for the next war to come against Germany to recover the lost territoiries. It also triggered the colonial expansionism if France in Africa to get some new territories and Manpower to compensate the 1870 defeat. Bismarck and not Bishhmarck (strange accent… ) and Von Moltke used the pretext of populations of German origins to annexe Alsace and Lorraine, in reality they wanted to make France weaker, powerless and unable to claim back these territories by a new war. In fact their lack of vision and stupidity prepared the conditions of WWI and of the German defeat while Germany could have remained dominant in central Europe with minor concessions. And as you know the stupidity of German expansionism and nationalism led to the lost of 30%of their previous territory at the end of WWII.

  4. I like how the German emperor started a fake war with France to unite his country. A war he probably knew could win.Lesson noted. Much respect to the Germans.

  5. Omfg 😝does anyone realize that the music being played at the beginning is the same that’s played in the first incredibles when mr incredible is looking through the list of other supers that have been killed.

  6. There are some issues here. Even at its very peak, Germany was never, EVER the peak industrial power of the world; it was always second to the USA even at best. The video also implies that improvements to fertilizer enabled Germany to feed itself. This was also not the case, as seen in World War One, when the British blockade starved them out. Even with all of its advantages, Germany was not too much more industrialized than Britain, and the Germans couldn't win the naval arms race with the UK, no matter how hard they tried.

  7. Bismarck is pronounced Biz-mark not Bish-mark. Come on, do your homework! In Versailles the l's are silent. Come on, these are really historically important names. Shirvan, you should pronounce them correctly. You lose a lot of credibility and respect by not doing so.

  8. So Germany became a superpower, technological and industrial greatness by doing two important things than any of its European rivals. Compulsory Education of its people and Health care of its citizen. Two things needed to become great.

  9. So in fact the EU is a reiteration of Prussian politics, yet without a uniting language or culture. Hence the inevitable desintegration that is well underway now.

  10. The World War(s) were set up and initiated by Germany's selfdeclared enemies, mainly the UK, France and Russia. Their goal was the destrucution of Germany as a powerful nation. They succeeded. Germany in 2019 is on the brink of extinction and only a shadow of its former global role in economy, culture and politics. At least it went down fighting. R.I.P. Deutschland

  11. nice way of freeing everyone else besides germany of their responsibilities regarding WWI and WWII at the end of an otherwise great video who touches important aspects of german history but completely omits talking about politics post Wilhem I.

  12. Great videos, Shirvan, but it's a bit difficult to understand your English sometimes. Considering the accent, I would recommend either to use simpler words or to let the text be read by a native English-speaker.
    That's just my opinion, no offense.

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