October 17, 2021


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How Gold Reaches an All-Time Record High by Year End

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35 thoughts on “How Gold Reaches an All-Time Record High by Year End

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  3. RULE #1 "if the government says I am here to help…run far…run fast" Ronald Raegan
    RULE#2 when the fed says GOLD is an old relic and worthless…BUY BUY BUY…Gold and Silver are GOD's currency paper is the currency of criminals

  4. Mike, at this point in time, trying to figure out the future of markets reminds me of Mike Tyson's line: "Everybody's got a plan till they get punched in the face!"

  5. 3:30 Some commodities have probably not even kept up the the CPI CP Lie. Even crude oil hit a low of $27 in 2016 and under $0 in 2020, well below the 1980 high of $40 even in nominal terms. At the recent peak of $75, it was still less than double the 1980 peak. For gold it's similar. The $2080 peak last year is only 2.3x the $850 from 1980.

  6. Why does saying "Fiat Money" earn a buzzer? I'm all for the buzzer but I think using money in reference to the dollar is A-Okay — IF it's prefixed with fiat. Fiat Money(as defined Oxford Dictionary: Noun, inconvertible paper money made legal tender by a government decree. – sounds synonymous with the term currency.

  7. Here we go again a new prediction in a totally rigged market from people who are constantly wrong on their predictions, but they sell gold and silver, and if you by from them you will have a bright and a safe future, but the truth is that for the past 10 years the inflation beat the hack out of the two shiny metal, if you want to stay constantly depressed buy some silver from them!

  8. Mike, how does that is ineffably enormous DB / HSBC derivative overhang play into all this? I mean even the gigantic US debt and future liabilities of about $150T appears not so bad compared to this.

  9. What do you think, is the great deflation still coming? Will it be short or a longer period, or is it straight to hyper inflation now?
    Or a deflation after the hyper inflation collapse?
    And what will that do to the value of gold, silver, real estate, natural resources, shares, etc. during those different times?

  10. I'm SHOCKED that Mike doesn't understand that one a gov't crypto comes out that ALL OTHER COMPETING CRYPTOS will be SHUT DOWN. When's the last time a gov't has allowed competition against it's own version of currency ?? Only reason it's allowed cryptos so far is to "break the citizens in" on a new form of exchange.

  11. Avid follower and admirer – hence gold owner. Thank you. Our best friends are the ones who honestly question us, so — a question or two:
    1. The discussion included reference to decentralised digital currencies. What of CBDCs?
    2. Could it be, that CBDCs in fact do not need tying to anything at all? If Schwab and Rockefeller and their ilk get their way, why would they care? It's programmable currency for serfs. Could they issue it "forever" ? Or are the arguments against fiat currencies equally applicable to them ?
    3. Governments have the power to deny us access to gold – even make it illegal. What then?
    4. Incrementum's 10 year gold price forecast approximates to 10% annual exponential growth. Good stuff but not mind blowing surely? Still a brilliant safety device if it works out.
    5. The best scientists try to undermine their own hypotheses – viz Einstein – are you and Ronnie (better equipped than me, for sure!) able to investigate reasons NOT to trust in gold (too much) ?
    It's not for me to make suggestions, but I wonder if some of my (probably naive) questions might be included somewhere in future releases?
    Like so many others, I'm grateful to you – you've certainly opened MY eyes!

  12. If I get rich, the wait and all the gains I've missed out on almost everything else,, is gonna make the victory lap all the more satisfying. Its almost like it's never gonna happen because its taken sooo long. I think that will mean bigger gains.

  13. That high in 1980 lasted for minutes for both gold and silver. Maloney keeps going back to these numbers as though they were given by Almighty God to guide us in thinking about these metals. What these 1980 highs really say, is that, "$800 GOLD AND $50 SILVER WAS A BIG MISTAKE." The markets in these two metals shot up too high, and the prices fell back to rational levels. It is obvious that the markets saw $800 gold as too high and irrational and $50 silver as irrational and over priced. So then, are you going to bet money that the price of gold or silver is going to return to the irrational levels of 40 years ago? Get real. Mike is a nice guy and smart, just wish he would get better ideas.

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