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Against technocrats and the #Nazinet of the world

Back in 2014 Harry Vox explained how the creation of a health emergency will rule people’s life. The Rockefeller foundation is the center and brain of the so called pandemic and the concurrent health emergency plan put in place around the globe. The problem, reaction and solution of the so called pandemic, is divided in two well written documents: the recent Covid 19 action plan and of course The Scenario Narratives written in 2010. Furthermore, there are also other documents to consider: Agenda 21Agenda 2030America 2050National Security Study Memorandum

The Scenario Narratives, as mentioned above, was written back in 2010, It was written for the simple purpose of outlining the upcoming future. Giving worldwide governments and organizations the steps to follow given by the colossal thinktank under the Rockefeller foundation and company for the next 15-20 years. The people and the organizations involved shaped the idea on how the world governments and subrecipients should divide the scenario into four parts to get the best results for a top-down control and create a new social structure for the new century:

The document also talks about a probable pandemic scenario which equals to POPULATION CONTROL

Just to point out that Bill Gates father was a board executive member of the Planned Parenthood and a member of eugenics, this should give enough support to anyone with half brain and figure what is going on.

LOCK STEP – A world of tighter top-down
government control and more authoritarian
leadership, with limited innovation and
growing citizen pushback. Talking about a pandemic = GLOBAL PROBLEM + CENSORSHIP

CLEVER TOGETHER – A world in which
highly coordinated and successful strategies
emerge for addressing both urgent and
entrenched worldwide issues. Talking about population control and resources. Agenda 21 = CLIMATE CHANGE = VACCINES = BIOMETRIC IDs = SOUSVELLIANCE = LESS CASH = CONTROL

HACK ATTACK – An economically
unstable and shock-prone world in which
governments weaken, criminals thrive,
and dangerous innovations emerge. Stressing out the most probable outcome: a total global bankruptcy. Talking about on how people, the governments, businesses, and various organizations will try to battle out of it and the most probable outcomes = INTRISINC WORLDWIDE WEB THREAT = BIOLOGICAL WEAPON THREATS= BIO IDs NORMS = TERRORISM = SOCIAL ALIENATION = SCARCE FOOD SUPPLIES = REACTION

SMART SCRAMBLE – An economically
depressed world in which individuals and
communities develop localized, makeshift
solutions to a growing set of problems. Talking about on how the solution to the problem will remain fuzzed and unstable = GHOST SOLUTION = AGENDA 2030 towards AMERICA 2050 solution. IMPLEMENTATION AND CONSOLIDATION OF GREEN TECHNOLOGIES = 3D PRINTING AS THE NORM = SINGULARITY ON THE RISE + ( TOWARD MEGACITIES)

It all sound like a sci-fi movie, but, the people who wrote these documents aren’t joking and put in place a well planned strategy to reshape the global society – social engineering is something real and planned ahead by the governors of our planet.

Also to consider, the Chinese credit system which in many ways will be the blue-print for the whole world to follow in the 21st century. Furthermore, the Rothschild powerhouse developed and maintained a strong long lasting relationship with China and the CCP as well as JPMorgan. The later, according to this article, is putting pressure on fintech companies in order to clinch their hands on the ultimate weapon – information.

Will be this enough for the elites to control the entire planet?

My argument would be: Can we focus more on the development of SMART VILLAGES rather then MEGACITIES and create a vision of a GLOCAL SOLUTION?