February 27, 2021


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How Is Lockdown Affecting Thailand's Elephant Industry

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The elephant is the national animal of Thailand. But as Covid-19 shuts down the tourism industry, elephant sanctuaries have been forced to close. As well as …


23 thoughts on “How Is Lockdown Affecting Thailand's Elephant Industry

  1. people have animals of every kind all over the world.For some its the only way to save the species.For others the only way to make a living.And there are good and bad keepers of animals including dogs and cats should we ban them too.? I,"m not saying its right or wrong only that in some cases it:s necessary.to save the species from extinction.

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  3. Behind every one of these 'save the animals/wild' 'orphanages' are these white westerners always operating to take advantage of both the locals and foreigner. Look behind the abuses in the orphanages created to cater to the west

  4. I also fell trap to the elephant tourism in Thailand. Shit my first YouTube video was of an elephant on koh san road. But I’m much more interested in how COVID is affecting the Thai people, farmers, fisherman, tourism and people around the world not the elephant captors. Set the elephants free!

  5. Really riveting topic journeyman pictures. With all the hardships going on around the globe you picked elephants farms. This is what has been on all of our minds as we sit at home with no job watching our economy go to shit.

  6. That's great! Hope all industries like this die out because of Corona. I don't understand why you guys even document it. Do you think we feel bad for these people? Lol.

  7. If you have ever witnessed how they break elephants for these stupid treks so that Australians (and others) can boast, ‘I smoked opium …’ it’s a Chang Mai thing, and i gave it a miss. there are wonderful people everywhere, but poor Thailand has become inundated, and I assume that it began with soldiers on leave during the horrifying war on Vietnam. Still, my heart was with India…nobody goes on Cow treks, and they have their horns, so be careful and agile on the narrow streets of Varanasi…provided we ever get through this coronaviris and Modi is ever ousted by someone less indecent.

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