May 8, 2021


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How Israel became a high-tech military power

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48 thoughts on “How Israel became a high-tech military power

  1. North Korea I believe is on the brink of destruction. And they haven't created innovations in new technologies.
    It's precisely it's special relationship with the US, that has given the Israelis it's new toys.

  2. The military might , came from the necessity to not be wiped off the map. The people of israel have no where to run. They do not want to be angulated, do you? Who will defend them ? Nobody so God was with them , and they learned to do it in their own. Of course , everybody needs a little help from their friends, but no friend takes their safety upon their shoulders and all friends get more than what they give in terms of technology and expertise sharing

  3. Answer? Israel either stole or was gifted the technology including Nuclear tech from France, UK and US – the 3 entities that we're aware of. No doubt similar tech was also either stolen from or gifted by Mother Russia and Ukraine.

  4. 1:30 "Rag tag militias". Not entirely true. There were a lot of European Jews who fled to the UK and joined the British Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy – so they emigrated to Palestine after WWII and formed the Haganah, the predecessor to the IDF. Of course, there were also Zionist terrorist organisations like the Irgun and the Lehi/Stern gang who worked towards the same aim but were supposedly unaffiliated.

    Also, another reason the Israelis were forced to develop their own industry is because even though they buy advanced combat aircraft from the United States, there are occasions that advanced avionics aren't included which is why the Turkish and Israelis collaborate since the Turks are in the same situation with their US made combat aircraft.

    As for the French, yes, Charles De Gaulle cancelled the joint Israeli/French combat aircraft program – but then the Israelis sole the blueprints from Dassault. That's what the French Mirage 5 and IAI Nesher look almost identical.

  5. Israel has been condemned for war crimes against civillians and children in particular they have murdered medics , journalists, civilians, children and even the disabled as cited by UNICEF and the UN

  6. To my brothers and sisters in Israel and the entire Arabic world 
    I am an Egyptian and i love the Jewish people and the Arabic people 
    Enough of bloodshed 
    Enough of hate 
    Enough of who is right and who is wrong 
    Enough of who owns this land 
    Please no more tears 
    No more fighting 
    No more boundaries 
    No more countries 
    You are my brothers and my sisters there is no land between us no boundaries no wars just beautiful love peace and tranquility 
    To all the Jewish people i feel your pain i know how much suffering the Jewish people endured just simply because of hate i see your pain i feel it in my so deep in my heart and every time I listen to the beautiful national anthem of Israel- I deeply feel the pain the beautiful Jewish people endured all throughout the years —now let me open my arms with pure love pure peace —love is all we need it’s easy just pure love and with the power of love we as a people both Jewish arabs will live in harmony peace and tranquility—no more tears from any Jewish mother or Arabic mother no more sadness please and please lets give love a chance lets hold hands together and say it loud and clear love finally have the final say —

    "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

  7. 1) The Soviets did not pour massive quantities of sophisticated weapons into the middle east. They sent their export models to these countries. They never sent their best stuff in the fear it would have found its way into enemy hands. This did happen a few times

    2) Israeli aerial drones playing a decisive roll in Syria?! WTF are you going about?! Israeli and Turkish drones are being obliterated in Syria. Sure you get the odd one taking out a target but overall their performance has been abysmal. This is PROVEN by the fact Turkish and Israeli proxies have been backed into a small corner of Syria (Idlib) and are being pounded mercilessly on a daily basis. It's only the Russia peace accords that are keeping the SAA from totally obliterating them

    3) You conveniently leave out the Soviet brain drain in the late 80s and early 90s that Israel benefitted from

  8. Hi… Namaste from India.
    We in india are doing all this things since 1947….still we are not as successful as you guys are in Israel. We have our own orbitar around the planet Mars but we import sig saur 716i from US. So What do you think the reason of our partial failure/delayed success. #genuine_Q.

  9. A chosen people of God, israel. Evolve to become one of the world's military power with divine intervention, to continue to exist as a nation promise by God to abraham. Truly, a nation of God to the world.

  10. Thank you for the knowledge brought to us. God has not given gold , oel, diamant and the like to Jewish people. But HE gave intelligence and courage. And since1948, HE supports Israel with craftful hand. An advice , don't be a foe of Israel or Jewish persons.

  11. Israel, the only country which can kill everyone and everywhere without beeing blamed for it !! like the iranian scientist till know 6 !!,They should get the Nobel Prize for it , for PEACE !!??

  12. What are you talking about ? Israel's knowledge is either stolen by spies around the world or given secret help from other countries and all free without paying for it,yes it does no matter to be small but it does matter if you have to pay for it or no or if one has to invent it or steels it and the israelis are known for beeing experts in spiying all around the world !! The latest submarines they got for example from Germany 3 Sub's for nothing,German government payed them !

  13. Ezekiel 37 :21 Thus says the Lord God of Israel " Behold I will take the people of Israel from among the nations which they have gone and will gather them from all around ,and bring them to their own land "

  14. Clearly presented pertinent facts done with great understanding and no emotion. Leaves the viewer more knowledgeable and less prone to political/social manipulation.
    The exact opposite of an activist.

  15. Why do Africans totally dominated sprint races in Olympics. Answer ….not government programs , necessity of running from wildlife. It’s genetics.
    Why is Israel totally dominant in high tech Same answer …..genetics

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