July 26, 2021


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How Russia was Annihilated at Tannenberg | Animated History

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22 thoughts on “How Russia was Annihilated at Tannenberg | Animated History

  1. When russia was Annihilated at Tannenberg
    Germany: Heh inferior to our proud Ger…

    Russia : Attack of the dead mean,literally troops storming out of gas fog, machinegunning and wrecking all german forces
    Russia: I didn't hear ya!!

  2. I see you have a Cold Steel replica of a Dutch model 1911 Marechaussee Sabel standing in the back ground. I know, they market it as a replica US model 1917 Navy Cutlass, but they err in their ways.
    It's an interesting weapon. It was the result of the Dutch East Indies Colonial Army radically changing it's fighting tactics in the late 19th, early 20th century Aceh Wars. Small mobile units, relying heavily on surprise attacks and close combat fighting with sabres proved highly succesful in a brutal guerilla style warfare against bands of local muslim insurgents/freedom fighters, depending on your perspective.
    US forces in the Philippines were likewise in combat with the Moro and were quick to appreciate the weapon, so it was copied with a few detail changes – most notably a closed hilt instead of the M1911 open hilt, chequered grip vv. smooth grip – and adopted as the 1917 Navy Cutlass.

  3. Doesn’t do justice to Aleksandr Samsonov. He was with his army till the end, trying to navigate the few men he could rally out of the trap. After running into several german machine gun posts acting as cut-offs for fleeing russians, he finally gave in to despair and shot himself in the head, “the Czar trusted me. How can I face him after such a disaster?”. Sad end to a loyal servant of Russia.

  4. "Hindenburg became president of the Weimar Republic"??? How is this possible? How can a person be president of a period of time? Hindenburg was president of the German Empire (or Germany if you like this better).

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