March 3, 2021


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How To Go Completely KETO

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49 thoughts on “How To Go Completely KETO

  1. im an intuitive eater, i crave something (w/ a specific nutrient) then i eat it. sometimes its difficult to find a food w/ the nutrient im looking for so i have to find the supplement.

  2. Parchments are 100% keto and last for millennia, but big supplements are afraid to lose their collagen sales! Reading from parchments will make your skin stay young for millennia just like a mummy's skin! Compare that to the old looking carb papyrus!

    PS: Parchments also come in animal friendly human skin versions!

  3. My carb craving wife sabotaged me. She put Strawberry Jam "up there" before we "did it"… Right in the middle of "it" I felt this HUGE sugar rush of life force like never before!! And I looked down at her in shock and she said "welcome back baby!!!"….. Now I'm fasting just on coconut oil to get back into the big K. Watch out men!!!

  4. I prefer a keto type diet because it prevents weight gain and wards off the diabetes that is in my genetics, but I don't go overboard with the fats. It's funny when you see people eating lbs of bacon and other fats thinking it's the right way to eat.

  5. How’s Keto going to work with “fake synthetic meat” that we will now have to eat. Wake up to The Great Reset which isn’t so great, in fact it’s the end of humanity and it’s happening. We got a couple years left. Research Transhumanism. is a good place to start

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