September 22, 2021


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How to Raise Successful Kids

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34 thoughts on “How to Raise Successful Kids

  1. never let my son win at board games, card games, sports, etc teaching the fundamentals needed for each … went easy to build confidence, but now my son feels better beating the old man now

  2. Thanks for the geat video, Pat! As a father of a 1 year old daugther especially the currency for kids sounds like a great idea and we'll implement it in the near future 🙂

  3. Oh wow, the guy is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. I definitely have high expectations bec I myself worked very hard. Definitely will use his excellent ideas. Wow, Patrick, you should write a book of values, ie. 12 rules for parenting?

  4. This is outstanding parenting advice
    Love all of them but if choose one give them the chance of Independence and relying on themselves and their abilities and challenge them from time to time.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. He is raising his kids "hoping they are going to be successful".
    I'm raising my kid hoping he's going to be HAPPY!!! And if he needs success to be happy, then we will go for it.
    Because what everybody needs at the end of the day is to be HAPPY, not just successful. I know too many unhappy but successful people… And I don't want that for my kid, nor for anybody else.

  6. ( ESAY SAID , THEN , DONE ) , !!!! . THERE , IS , ( NO , REAL , PLAN ) , BUT , LOVE ❤️ ?.!!!!! …..IN THE END , ITS , THERE , CHOICE ? . ???.!!!!! ……. [ THERE , FRENDS , ARE , THE , ONES , THAT , ( CHANGE , THEM ? ) .? ] …..

  7. This is good. Especially explaining but not over explaining. I raised 2 sons. Respecting each one individually and teaching them to respect themselves, everyone and everyone's property has gone a long way. They were more selective with friends and now with mates. Also knowing that what I model is more important than anything. They took away a good work ethic and entrepreneurial desires and goals. They are in their early 20s.

  8. Really like this episode.. Patrrick I just got a girlfriend with a daughter. The father is not in the picture most of the time . And I try to be a role model to her. I called her mija and I say” how’s my daughter doing. My girlfriend gets upset saying” you’re not her dad”.. so my question is should I just not care about the daughter or is the mom being dramatic? Anybody?

  9. Lmao! You would know? Hahahahahahaha! Bruh, I give up! These dudes stand in front of a camera with a little bit of wealth and now they think they’re qualified to teach you everything about life? No thanks, keep you and your delusional crowd to yourselves. ?

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