May 11, 2021


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40 thoughts on “How to set up Crypto.Com Wallet Account

  1. Sam thank you for telling about @Hackkingjay133 on insta God bless you a lot of fake hackers her but this guy is real I have been scam 450$ but this guy help me to recover the money and my sister got iPhone11 from him he dose everything…..

  2. Good day. If I buy and stake 1000 or 10 000 CRO coins, will this increase my weekly credit Card purchase limit from the current 7500USD per week to 15000usd and eventually 50000usd purchase limit per week . I am ready and prepared to do so immediately, But my only question is that if I buy and " Stake" / Lock the CRO coins in the wallet for 3 months now , Will the increase in Credit Card limit purchases be activated immediately or do I have to wait the 3 months for the Card purchase limit increase ??????? Is the anyone who can assist me with advice .. ? I will appreciate. Thanks

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  4. God bless you miss Melinda Bruce for making me who I am today now am debt free and I believe in bitcoin now guys if you’re having difficulty in crypto kindly contact @melinda_bruce on Instagram and she will help you send

  5. Love your easy style! Do you think that the card can be used for direct deposits (from work) and bill pay and if so do you think rewards would be earned on those transactions?

  6. does anyone say you need eth to pay fees when you want to transfer your crypto from your wallet to the platform?seems no one talkes about this… I needed it, I had to buy ETH just to use it to be able to send my crypto from the wallet to the platform…and after I submitted my request to transfer my crypto it said "estimated time" 2 mins..and guess what…more that one hour passed and the crypto transaction is still pending in my wallet…and before you wallet and my app are synced.

  7. I’m new to the app I sent 156$ to my crypto wallet from the app . I sent to crypto wallet but now my 156$ went to coin and now I can’t do anything with it . I tried to send the coin but now it says insufficient eth balance. I’m lost I have no clue what to do now . Can you help please ?

  8. dude how you going to make a video on how to set something up when you start off the video like you never seen this website before. you sound like a jackass. here is a car for sale. let me see how to open the door so i can show you wtf

  9. Hey when I go to authorise my wallet app with my crypto account, the authorise link from the email doesn't work? It gets redirected to the wallet app and it does nothing? Any idea how to fix??

  10. Hi Rex I signed up with your link and received the $50 however it shows in my balance but I am unable to do anything with it, is this the norm, or am I missing something, I funded the wallet the site with BTC then made a withdrawal to their wallet which was easy to connect with the site but it does not allow me to send the funds from the bonus there, the wallet gives the back up code and I like to keep my funds safer can you advise me, please. thanks a million, Barbs 🙂

  11. Sir i have problem regarding to removed from my ether wallet if u have any idea as soon as i try to removed my ether wallet its say u have problem of 2fa code so pls help me what to do

  12. It appears that, staffs their videos with paid reviewers and professional video likers.
    Here are some real reviews I found on a site that has not been tampered with. I am currently working with the SEC to retrieve my invested funds.

    May 29, 2020
    I'm afraid they are just scamming you.
    I'm afraid they are just a miss leading scammer company. I've been staking MCO for over 7 months now and not once have they paid for my Spotify monthly bill of 9.99 that they claim they do if you stake 50 MCO. Just lyers and i don't trust them at all. looking at the other reviews not from this site but from others and your get a clear picture this company is not to be trusted. Today i will be trying to move my money from this scam company to a Trustworthy proven company.

    May 25, 2020
    Big liar..big scam.
    Big liar..big scam.
    It held an event but did not pay the member.
    Big LIAR. Scam alert

    Plamen Manolov
    1 review
    May 21, 2020
    I dont know what to say..
    I dont know what to say… they offer a card, but never shipping… they never answer in few hours like they saying… they answer in weeks !!! So many things offering, but actually absolutely nothing!!! Terrible!!!

    4 reviews
    May 10, 2020
    Good concept but terrible execution. AKA Monaco sounds like a very very good idea on paper but the execution of it is a horror story.

    I put 100 EUR there 3 years ago and just got my card just now. My account is in EUR but my card is in GBP because I live in the UK. There is no way what so ever to top up the card because I can't add GBP to my account for some reason, I can only have account in EUR and USD but my card is in GBP, like what's the sense in that? I have card I can't use at all.

    Support is one of the worst I have even encountered. I tried to rise this issue with the in app support chat but it's been 7 days already and I'm being ignored big time. I was really hyped about this platform for a long time but now that I finally got the card and was shown how it's not working at all, I can't recommend this to anyone.

    How can you trust company with your money if the will ignore your support tickets for weeks at time! It's ridiculous…

    5 reviews
    Apr 28, 2020
    Cards not shipping
    I invested money and I am still waiting for months for my crypto card. The customer service can't tell when they are going to ship. My advice: don't buy the card.
    Hui Harry
    2 reviews
    Apr 24, 2020
    It was a scram platform
    It was a scram platform. Please do not do a deposit to them anymore. Bank are showing transfer sucsess but Crypto dont give me the money on my wallet.

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