June 17, 2021


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How to Worship Fear

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Learn how to worship fear! Tuesday fear over faith. It is time you completely give your life over to fear. Learn how in the gospel according to Fauci and other holy …


47 thoughts on “How to Worship Fear

  1. 70 million Buddhists here in Thailand who don't fear death but still bandage up their faces 24/7 for fear of catching a mild flu. Successful Psy Op from the government.

  2. JP with the bullhorn… And seriously, how did you film this without cracking up? One thought, though. Maybe it is God tempting you with the belief that He created you with an IMMUNE SYSTEM? Not Satan?

  3. So there is no confusion… the "fear of God" is much like the respect you have for a good and loving natural Father. You turn to him for help, for wisdom, for instruction. You know you can trust him to do what is right and to help you. You know he loves you and will not be a traitor to you or reject you but will protect you. You know he will teach you and love you even if you disappoint, and he will help you back to do what is right. But you know he will discipline you (because he loves you and cares that you do nothing that will harm yourself) if you rebel against his rules and his good instruction. That is the fear of God. God is your Father in Heaven and he even understands you more than your earthly Father (because He is Perfect and makes no mistakes as an earthly Father can sometimes do) he even knows the future, your future! Trust in GOD through Jesus Christ!

  4. Panic over a flu is the logical extension of the post 9/11 Anthrax insanity of 'You can never be too safe'. Now all of us are suspect as terrorists and killers carrying the bomb of our breathing.

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