October 17, 2021


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How Will America React to the GUILTY Chauvin Verdict? | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 762

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48 thoughts on “How Will America React to the GUILTY Chauvin Verdict? | The News & Why It Matters | Ep 762

  1. We don't pay our police officers enough money to put up with this bullshit. And if they stand together and do a blue walk away who you going to call. How ironic that the black community will call 911 and demand that the police come. Well you can't complain if they don't get their for 30 minutes can you.

  2. Whoever thinks an appeal or second trial will be anymore fair and impartial is a fool. I’m afraid this is the beginning of the end for our country. We no longer have safe and fair elections, the justice system is collapsing, our personal freedoms are being stripped “for the greater good”. I have lost all hope that there is a way back from all this…

  3. Before Court began, the Floyd Family was awarded a huge amount of money (maybe a civil settlement)that told the jurors that court case was already determined to be won! Then @ least 4x's per day… (everyweek), jurors had to walk past blm/antifa to get in & out of Courthouse!! Then, it's public knowledge that juror #19 backed blm/antifa… what pressure for the rest of them!!! Then there's the pigblood & pig head @ the witnesses home… so what would stop the dems from leaking the list of addresses of jurors? Thats how the dems work… I'd vote guilty on all accounts as well, feeling that threatened & hope that would be enough to satisfy… especially after Gov. Officials spoke their rhetoric… & judge was too full of himself to change venue or sequester for the time of complete jury duty!!!

  4. Justice system:MOBBED RULED

    Market: Manipulated

    Internet: Censored

    Media: Biased

    Economy: Shutdown

    Election: Stolen

    Democracy: Fake

    System: Rigged

    What’s Comes Next ?

    Anyone who still thinks that America is free after what we seen over the past few months is either deaf , dumb and blind .

  5. Questions: Why did Chauvin apparently keep his knee on Floyd's neck after Floyd had apparently stopped breathing? Why didn't Chauvin take the stand? (To be honest, he looked disengaged throughout the trial a la Scott Peterson. Of course wearing a mask made it hard to see his face.) Is there a record of any other person dying from a police knee on the neck?

  6. Create a problem that only the Government can fix by causing such riots that only “Federal” police can come in. Make the states so obsolete that they can’t handle the riots or crime in general so the Feds step in taking control of the nation as a whole. Why do you think they are targeting Red states so bad?

  7. Biden after saying "the evidence is overwhelming" said "I wouldn't say that", must have heard in his ear piece those same words of "I wouldn't say that ", and just repeated it. 😠

  8. Well some got justice when Floyd died, his victims who were terrorized. I feel for them because their attacker has been put on such a pedestal as a saint. I feel for Chauvin and his family because now they are going to be put under protected custody for their protection. It’s sick.

  9. What happened too 3 SEPARATE branches of government ( EXECUTIVE, LEGISLATIVE, AND JUDICIAL) Two are definitely over stepping their bounds & blatantly going against the first 3 articles of the Constitution. BIDEN & MAXINE really need get back in their lanes!

  10. I agree with almost all conservative views except for a few things the war on drugs mainly and total 100 support of police. With that said we need police defunding them is absolutely ridiculous I think to get reform they should get more money for better training whatever they think they need to improve and some protocol changes

  11. Before our eyes, specific example of how and why Rome declined and fell. Ignore moral principle and the foundations of civilization are corroded and defeated. Also before our eyes are the faces of black racism: Maxine Waters and Barakslider Obamster.

  12. I've had some time for a bit of self-reflection, and I've come to this conclusion…it's the Guilty Caucasian (Liberals) (Progressives) that are the source of most of the problems with society, and that stems from the Bigotry of low expectations that the Left employs against people and communities of Color

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