September 17, 2021


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How Young Men Can Beat Today’s Struggles

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46 thoughts on “How Young Men Can Beat Today’s Struggles

  1. I’m 25 I really believe that’s the future people will want to live more single and explore more and have kids at a very later date. Waiting to see how this world shapes up to be is unkown. You can’t be angry at a educated man like Patrick. You can only hate and be disappointed at yourself 🤫 for how and what you do with your life.

  2. Patrick, Your race is really with oneself and if that gets you past some other people that made more money than you, that's fine… But Most people are remembered not because they made a lot of money. Most legends made no money at all… Look at all gods of all religions, no money…MLK no money, Gandhi no money…. If you are truly content with yourself, nothing else should matter… Family and self content is the ultimate reward.

  3. This changed my opinion of David somewhat!
    I admire and respect him I don’t agree with all of his views and that’s fine the issue I was having was not seeing him interviewing too many blacks unless they were superstars or had achieved some unattainable greatness no regular every day black person I didn’t see. Now for David to come to your platform I like that this was a step in the right direction and who am I right ?well I am another piece that supports you and David and the rest of the content creators an your lifestyle so there’s that!
    Good interview Nothing negative an now I’m new to this channel so you gained a new Sub

  4. PBD is very personable and a great story teller but he’s a terrible liar, dancing around selling a story completely irrelevant to the question asked. Someone worth between $10-$100million doesn’t relocate over an unforeseen tax payment of $80,000. Surely his own book “Your next five moves” should have enabled him to foresee this, so it’s quite ironic to think about, especially as the odds of him paying this mystery tax again are near zero.

    With this being said, the mystery tax he’s talking about, on “growing businesses” isn’t a thing. Tax doesn’t work like that, you’re taxed on your earnings, not on growth potential.

    My last point is that you’ve overplayed your hand. People see through your gimmick. By the time you’ve finished reading this, your book will already have been donated to a charity shop. Your American dream is a story you sell, far from reality and the truth.

  5. How dare you be a great role model. By 40 have 100m though. Clown talk if you grasp economics . I guess it's just taking the shoot for the stars mentality too far. It's why this generation thinks it's all insta fame. That said im editing my comment now that I've watched the whole thing. This re upd my interest in this channel. I'm not going to be distracted.

  6. مرسی پتریک.. مرسی… مرسی…❤❤❤
    من، یک معلم ۵۵ ساله، بعد از ۳۰ سال تدریس در کلیسا، دبستان، دانشگاه، کارگاه، این کلیپ شما بهترین درسی بود که من در ۵۵ سالِ زندگیم یاد گرفتم…
    مرسی پتریک… مرسی… ❤❤❤💐💐💐💐

  7. I would rather have a net worth of less than $1 million and help transform/save the best of this culture and country and save lives. The best stat any man can have isn't net worth but lives saved, lives improved. CPR culture preservation rating.

  8. Man im impressed young brother… i 1 hour in an you won me over with ur intellectual questions.. brought up rich due to ur father being there all the time.. i just lost mine at sea dec 15 2020 at sea.. thank you now time for me to subscribe to the roomates.. canada in the building

  9. Patrick has such a dope personality man. He’s so aware of things, everytime I listen to him is like I’m listening to a father figure I never had. You really learn a lot by watching his videos.

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