October 23, 2021


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HTML and CSS Tutorial – Create a Website for Beginners

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46 thoughts on “HTML and CSS Tutorial – Create a Website for Beginners

  1. Thanks for featuring my HTML and CSS tutorial Free Code Camp! If anyone has any questions let me know, because I would love to help out anyway I can.

    Also, if you enjoyed this video please checkout my channel for more web development related tutorials.

  2. Thank you heaps for this, bro! Your tutorial has covered so much ground and amazing sections, unlike the other ones where the learning is so basic but took so much time and in the end you only learn fonts and colors, but not yours! Your video has manipulated shapes and images, up to the complete website, very impressive. All your tutorials are amazing, keep making them up!

  3. I'm confused about how many classes we are making, why not just work with a row system so everything lines up nicely and jumps to the next line as screen get smaller? rows with divs inside should do the work probably without even using flex and all that.

  4. Edit: Fixed it! instead of putting .5em on tour-item i put 5em

    Why on my index page where i have the "BUY TICKETS" buttons is the text not aligned in the center of the button?

  5. Good job. You had lots of good content and the delivery was pretty good but you TALKED and TALKED and TALKED. Toooooo many words and you zoomed in and out so much I got sea sick. I couldn't focus on what you were doing. That being said this was one of the best coding videos I've ever seen.

  6. Update: it was as expected: A typo in the code.

    ASSITANCE PLEASE. Issue area @: 1:35:06. I've doubled and tripled check and some more. All my codes are exactly the same, from the css to the htlm. However, I'm not getting the same exact results. Every things is pretty much similar except:
    1. My Arena column is shifted to my City column creating a continuous string of text (only separated by a single space).
    2. My "buy tickets" buttons are not equally lined up (vertically). Aside from the 2nd and 3rd row, the rest all starts at a random spot, In close proximity but still not aligned.

    I'm running this on Chrome.

    Any body else has this issue? Or if you had this issue, how would you code to correct it? (aside from me possibly just incorrectly copying the coding somewhere, which again I checked multiple times).

  7. I like that he clarified
    – Div elements take up the whole width => will appear in the next line
    – Span elements fits in line => appears in the same line

  8. Hello, can someone please explain how to make the workspace look exactly as the lesson workspace in minute 10:52? By that I mean having the images in a folder and the html file as a separate file from the images folder.

  9. Why didn't you tell how to code the shop part of it, like "Add to cart" "Remove" all of that??
    Was this only a design tutorial?

    Anyways I loved it, though I ran into some errors which I fixed on my own !!

    Thanks a lot, you have given me a good base for html and css!!

    And you will see few websites from me?!

    Thanks again!!

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