September 25, 2021


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HUGE: The Massive Uprising In France Has Begun!

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33 thoughts on “HUGE: The Massive Uprising In France Has Begun!

  1. I like your "Apocalypse Survival" banner. The apocalypse is the revealing of Jesus Christ, His return to earth. The only was to not be defeated at that time is to be on His side 🙂

  2. Is "pesty" Jan a robot? One wonders. She is mechanically always able to spin any subjective fact like a top spinning it's colors into a rainbow's hip hypnotic blur…. usually of nonsense to keep the party's 'little people' confused, thus abused. Censor? Censor?! What censor?!! Hunter something or other? Nah… Civil war oxymoron anyone? That's what these power happy idiots want. "Your opinion can kill someone." The 'come on man' has asserted.
    This Is : Silence to Free Speech ! "Shut up!" says a political party to the other. Actually… Biden yelled over Trump's voice, "shut up man" at the end of the debate!
    Something that historically over and over led to conflict manufactured by those in power to silence and omit all opposition by nice guys like Mao, Lenin & Stalin, Castro, Hitler, Idi Ameen, Pol Pot and the beat goes on. Controlled genocides conducted by each of these. The controlled stock market crash of 1929 killed around two million americans via starvation during the following depression years. Free speech and the right to own a gun are god given rights also protected by the very foundations of our country. This fact will not cause civil war, it will cause mutual discussion to find intelligent soul-lutions. Suppression of facts will cause any steam boiler to explode. Viva Cuba! The only people who should be afraid of facts are power abusing criminals who have something to hide. Is this not obvious enough to understand, thus cure, spin blur… just to know from whom a whirl wind of larger lies tolled… Ding dong. Again & again : Why?!
    Censor? What censor?!! The official Bye bye bed time america plan for ??? Silence. They are coming to your house. If that don't get somebody (shall we say : ) "injured"? What can?? Is this the match Biden wants to use to light that new civil war he threatens?! Gotta wonder.

  3. in ontario canada we are Not making it mandatory even health care workers just announced yesterday… i'm glad i voted for him… they are insane they are protected by vaccine so what should they care if anyone has it or not… that why they took it right ? lol how dumb.. this backward thinking .. its the vaccinated that are more dangerous to the ones who are not vaccinated ..not the other way around

  4. The woke views are to distract and divide us so we cant focus and see what the corrupt politicians and rich are doing to us. They take away any voice that tries to get a plan together and fight back. They will lock people up and claim their terrorist. We need to work together to end this not worry about the color or gender of someone.

  5. With their bombardment of contradictory messages, most misinfo and disinfo comes from them!

    Best clamp down on that. But, HOW? Decimating the constitution, for starters? Stripping everyone of their rights, too? Destroying as many small to medium enterprises, maybe? Fracture society along cultivated fissures, turn everyone against each other? Force the working and middle classes to exhaust their savings? Devalue currency by 'printing' trillions of dollars for the benefit of the wealthiest?

    Now, if that isn't a list of TOP ideas to deal with wrongthink, then I don't know what is.

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