February 26, 2021


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HUGE! What You're Not Hearing About Small Business Owners Making A BIG Stand

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28 thoughts on “HUGE! What You're Not Hearing About Small Business Owners Making A BIG Stand

  1. It's fucked how they try and cancel Thanksgiving but black fish Friday was ok. As long as you give money to corporate bums but buying from local friends and family is bad. Wtf is wrong with fucking sheep.

  2. STOP using big tec sites, With out us using their sites they have nothing. It really is that simple. Giving fines during a pandemic just goes to show how parasitic these cartel governments really are.

  3. Flip flop narrative. It is one small piece that will create and is creating chaos in the minds of the viewer. The more back and forth there is the more insane the world will sing especially to the person that does not have the knowledge like you or I.

  4. My interactions this Thanksgiving Day have shown me just how effective the MSM complete and total bias over four years has worked to really pollute the minds of people around me. There is no longer journalism in MSM. The fourth estate used to be a Free Press. The MSM has been bought. What can I say when my sister says Trump is an idiot and all he does is play golf? It's troubling.

  5. A recent Danish test study on the effectiveness of masks showed wearing a mask gave a result of only 0.30 %(3 in 1000) fewer cases than not wearing a mask. Given the propensity for false -positives from the tests being given it would seem to NOT confirm the usefulness of wearing a mask. These results are, of course, being denied by the "usual authorities [suspects]"!

  6. We should all thank Elon Musk for demonstrating the futility of the testing currently being given by himself getting tested 4 times in one day. All his tests were carried out in single facility using the same test administered by the same nurse. The results were two positive results and two negative results which mean that the test being administered produces "bogus" results. It is my understanding that COV19 cases are being determined by any test that give a positive result making the results of any positive test doubtful as it known that test being used produces an abundance of false-posotive results.
    Thanks again for the heads-up on the bogus tests being given to us, Elon.

  7. Had a very nice Thanksgiving with friends and no masks or social distancing allowed. A bit of much needed sanity in an insane world run by frauds and other crooks who pretend they have powers over the people when they do not and never have.

  8. Before the presidential elections: Protest!! Abolish and defund the police departments!! 😟

    After presidential elections:
    Okay listen up. It's your job as law enforcement to go cite and/or arrest anyone who ignores state mandated lockdown and opens their small business.🤤

    Uhhh…mmm…How in the hell does that make any sense!?!? It's one of the most oxy-moronic situations I've ever heard of in my life. Are you people high??

  9. In Iowa they've shut down all services to be THANKFUL wowzers…this is like the Last Supper before the BIG PLAN OF AG21
    2020 sure should of spelled out perfect vision and hindsight for everyone ! Let alone all the signs in the sky since 2015 ! Woe to ye whom follow any man, any story without 1st consulting with truths and what IS REAL over any BS title given to anyone…from what ever claim you say you are ! Your an idiot for believing in beliefs !

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