May 13, 2021


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Hundreds of millionaires advocating for a Wealth Tax

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11 thoughts on “Hundreds of millionaires advocating for a Wealth Tax

  1. I didn't watch but because i don't believe in global capitalism. However I like there are people with a higher position than most wanting to do the most as-right-of-a-thing that can be done within a corrupt system. Unfortunately this way of life will never work, and the only future is community where everyone is emotionally, physically, and spiritually dependant on one another. Only then can we eradicate the crimes and injustices incited, encouraged, and enabled by this evil way of life. Global capitalism. It is so much bigger than just us. We have to work as a world united, not people within their own countries, stated, cities, blocks, and neighborhoods divided. More people should take psychedelics and realize what is, and what we can be. But the world we will recreate in each other's image is just around the corner. Even before the next elections.

  2. Why should they be forced to do good? Imposed generosity is not virtuous. Do it. and don‘t brag about it. same as the pledge by gates and other billionnaires which sounds good just serves to avoid paying taxes.

  3. Problem with taxes is still that if your government is corrupt and spents the money for bombers and missiles and not for health measures, like my country Germany does (45 nuclear bombers in April 2020), then the tax money is paid in vain. Wealth Tax is a GOOD IDEA. But there must be additional measures, as I currently don't have much trust into my government and into the media apperatus. It eroded among years for certain reasons, the 20 years of war and war propaganda being two of them. Nevertheless, I think that the step this man made is an astonishing one and mostly welcome.

  4. very nice of them , yet wealth people in past even now a days already do share~ if that is the appropriate word. same a supposed poor street down trodden~ people gives when they can .// ps the wealth tax for hum ~ a convent just now or past ? 10 yrs ..yet ///through the tax write off decades~ been there write offs. perhaps that clause in not a really a Santa clause(pun !) adding the privacy of any human by brokers that do follow the money and so hold data other sites for years as 3 rd party sites do.. hum should we check to see what is the trendy purchase of a millionaire this week ? no thanks ..! 3rd party 4th party 5 parties etc with passed on to circ u late ~ any dna that a raised mid finger retaliates back at. covie hum verses the regular stats on ages and male or female ((ooh now there is a frustration on death passing's that TRANS could really explode upon ) that pass from a common cold per year over the whole planet .. maybe some might check out common cold viruses ~ or natural(parasitic) worms in the human gut and lining that have a job to do even against viruses. JUST INCASE no money of voluminous amounts so far with or without covid/ has not eradicated poverty————– thus would check or audit just how any wealth tax is acquired or dispersed with a 3 cups or shells to observe. or from the heart with none expected from either poor or wealth. still the same people survive many conditions without a pat on their backs.. patterns repeat ~

  5. But technically, the money doesn't belong to anyone. It's in hedge funds, or take a look at Bill Gates. With the vaccination pretext he has created an entity that has diplomatic immunity and sits in Switzerland.

  6. Why should there be a forced wealth tax. If he want to give his money just give it because as far as I have concluded from research anyone wealthy promoting more taxes is probably involved with a Foundation which is nothing but a money laundering scam which they end up paying less tax

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