October 26, 2021


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40 thoughts on “HUNTING ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY | Egyptian Lightbulbs?

  1. "3 light bulbs"?…Appears to be three reverse damped sine waves of 6, 3, 4 Hz..[3 waves, 4 waves etc].. , i.e., increasing in amplitude strength sine waves. These appear to be Theta and Delta brain wave frequencies. viz. "The raw EEG has usually been described in terms of frequency bands: Gamma greater than 30(Hz) BETA (13-30Hz), ALPHA (8-12 Hz), THETA (4-8 Hz), and DELTA(less than 4 Hz)." One guy @7:53 has a oval shaped thing on his head attached to the light bulb [EEG brainwave monitor?]

  2. wow, whats more amazing is the powers that be, the antiquities people steadfastly refuse, then for evidence they give you a rockdrill pounding and turning a piece of bamboo, or refer to a papyrus reed with writing with some bill of lading for an egyptian boat captain hauling some limestone blocks circa 2500BC as testament to the great pyramids and all the buildings. i say what about the obvious saw marks, what about a 200 ton block of limestone being transported on reed boats?
    come on! what is truly amazing is that when our earths magnetic field reaches zero, and the next cataclysm that shortly surely follows, these pyramids will still be there 10 thousand years from now, waiting for the next high civilization to decode them. where is our legacy? these builders were truly and utterly amazing. as george carlin jokes about, all that will be left of us is some diapers, some styrofoam and some plastic bags.

  3. It's so impressive to stop and think. It looks this good Now! Imagine what it looked thousands of years back in it's hay day.. it really must feel like the center of humanity when your there. Like just imagine how impressive it must of been for a ancient traveler to go there… In the prime of it's creation… I'm literally blown away that people were able to build and move and construct such beautiful and detailed massive structures, plus the underground detail on every inch.. that would be pitch black dark down there, and they colored the walls and their art is so stunning and meaningful. And again we are seeing it thousands of years after being ruined by time and other groups… Imagine what an abandoned Manhattan would look like even after 100 yrs… And that's modern day construction technology… Geeze

  4. 4:39 we cannot blame the Christians for the defacing. I blame the same forces that are connected over time. Christianity is a religion adopted by the same conquerers of Ancient Eqypt: the Greek-Roman military dictatorship. After they adopted/mistranslated/garbled/co-opted and driven out the (dynastic) original inhabitants of that land, getting everything they needed, they THEN started to deface things. The dynastic era Ancient Egyptians who inherited these ruins many thousands of years before belonged to saw this a sacred. The western imperial forces of Greek-Rome, who fused Christianity (as well as proto-Islam) from the learnings/systems/teachings are the real culprits. History told in a way where terms would confuse us and hide truths and understanding.

  5. I don't like how you just blamed the Christians for defacing everything. That's definitely not true and definitely hasn't been the case for the past 1000 years either

  6. As for the lights look like I think they where called forever burning lamps they worked on vibration once they were removed from where they been they stop working there is lots of high vibe tech examples that are extremely amazing

  7. Piramids where newer made ti be tombs they are powerful energy plants and also mathematical representation of Gaia as for tomb part one who where serious about afterlife and what is needed to get them there safe wouldn't place someone as important to them as Pharoah without proper incantation etc

  8. If that's inside the wall is it possible that was the rough draft in a way and the finished one is perhaps on the other side or somewhere close where it was meant to be seen but perhaps it was taken or ruined beyond recognition and they left the sloppy copy to draw us away . . . Stupid

  9. Call a spade a spade. Egypt’s sculptures were defaced because they looked black. That’s why they made Christianity. They couldn’t have greatness in the likeness of people who didn’t like like them.

  10. I think the question no-one appears to be asking is why around the globe are their artefacts depicting strange looking beings bearing no resemblance to humans that seem to appear at the same time? Every civilisation from ancient antiquity right back to cave drawings have them. And similarly why would every civilisation at a particular time in history suddenly start building pyramids for instance? Did someone blow a global whistle and say "Hey guys" the strange humanoid carving thing is so last century. Pyramids are the thing now." ???

  11. If the Pyramid are not tombs…where are the tombs of the Pharaos…and more important…why do we find mummified dead people surrounded by stuff…just like we do in other tombs? We also find scripture and paintings and the exact same text we found in the inside of tombs. And unlike other tombs where family members might be added…Pyramids where sealed…and painting the inside (only seen by workers) was obviously less important to the builders and maybe the first budget cut…and yes..that was a serious problem for some of the builders…we know they had to basically "steal" stuff from their forefathers to be able to afford the burial they wanted.
    Soooo…..maybe they had other purposes we don't know about but there is way more evidence for the tomb-idea than for any other one.

    Its odd how she says the same age…and nobody comments on that…because if he would do that, he clearly had to admit that the findings in Latin America are WAY WAY younger.
    Comparing them to cities in the middle east or Egypt is like saying the I-Phone 1 came out the same time Jesus was born.
    Also…its not the same god the picture in the bottom left hardly looks similar. And the others simply depict a man with ornaments and a headdress…things that existed in most cultures….a normal man with big ears.
    But…the S-American version does not show a mustache…(which would be odd because most latin American tribes didn't had beards) but the typical nose jewelry of the priests…while the Egyptians version clearly had a beard. The god is originally from East-Africa…where facial hair is more common…so we can't be surprised. And its that version that we find all over North-East Africa and the middle east. And they could and did travel within those distances.

    What CAN cooper chisels do? Uhm…make stone statues and sculptures…the stuff we see.

    Hieroglyphe of the potential light-bulb? Uhm..no. Its a snake who is born out of a flower….and the motive can be seen in many places because its part of the Egyptian creation myth…but usually it is drawn so you can't possibly mix it up with a light bulb…but the pads and the eye and maybe even mouth of the snake are visible.
    Also…what do you mean by "activating" the structure?
    Oh wait…you probably think they were powerplants or something? sigh
    Sure…in a society that didn'T had a single piece that could use electricity I guess erecting giant powerplants makes total sense…also…since when do Stone-Pyramids generate Energy? The thing is…they don't…which should throw the powerplant or whatever word salad this wannabe tourguide keeps leaking, right out of the window.

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