September 17, 2021


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So I decided to run away from the British Lockdown and go hunt Ancient Technology in Egypt!! I joined a tour run by Jimmy from @Bright Insight & Ben from …


24 thoughts on “HUNTING ANCIENT TECHNOLOGY IN EGYPT W/ Bright Insight & UnchartedX!

  1. I hope to hear from you going to America I was born far away n came here to fight a war n die in the fight so I rencarnet again n again with out knowing n in the last w I remember things that I should not know like when I was in 4th grade I said no the sun is electric n is metallic last year a team from Yale n one from the University of Paris try to make metallic hydrogen 100 atmosphere make it if the sun is 4400 times bigger than the planet just by sides alone should be metallic

  2. Lies, place was not called egypt until your first colonizers the greeks conquered the empire. Its called KEMET, flat ass cave dweller from the cleft of the rock! KEMET AN AFROASIATIC EMPIRE!!!

  3. Hello Jahannah, I love your enthusiasm for all things antiquated! I've been on this quest myself for some time too. It's interesting what you said about the acoustics when you were in that room, because you hit on something really important about why they may have been built to resonate the way a lot of them do. When you've been interested in this subject for a while, which usually starts with how these ancient people built those amazing structures, you begin to question, what kind of mind would do that? Then a new quest starts and you become very eager to learn the thought process behind why they were building such impossibly precise and complicated buildings. That, for me anyway, is actually more interesting than the buildings themselves, awesome as they are, or the questions left behind regarding how they built them (You questioned the acoustics as a little bit woo woo but don't be so quick to doubt that aspect of the structures)

    The ancient Egyptian initiates were shamanistic in their thought process, they were interested in consciousness and used many different methods to explore consciousness: Sound/acoustics/vibration were just one method they used. They sought to explore the 'spirit world' through altered states of consciousness and more and more elaborate structures were designed to facilitate this. The buildings also incorporated sacred number and mathematical formulae which honoured their beliefs with regard to the creative force behind the material world and how all things in this world incorporate these numbers and formulas in their form and growth cycles.

    Once you get into all this you start to understand that everything that comes out of the ancient world is esoteric, and imbued with symbolism and metaphor. And the purpose of the journey the ancients undertook was an internal one, one which attempted to answer the questions to life, death, or the illusion of death, and the true purpose of an individuals life – not too heavy then.. Lol 🙂

    If you're interested, start by watching this video which hypothesises why simple mounds or natural caves became the spectacular structures unmatched by even todays standards of construction.

    Also, have you seen the eight part series 'Magical Egypt'- Parts 1 and 2 are free on the M.E you tube page but I know a channel that has all 8 parts if you interest is piqued by ep's 1 and 2.

    I would also recommend Dr Carmen Boulters 'The Pyramid Code' series. Abd'el Hakim Awyan features in the series.

    Manly Parmer Hall was a mystic, he spent his whole life researching and living the ancient beliefs and this lecture explains the initiation of the pyramids. (I would recommend his book 'The Secret Teachings Of All Ages' – In the lecture he explains the process of the mystery schools and the Initiates personal experience of death through certain rituals before being brought back to life.


    You might want to look into alchemy too. The word Alchemy comes from Al Khemit, which you know is the original name for Egypt (The Black Land) alchemy, esoterically speaking, means the transformation of the soul through self knowledge.

    Also, 'Hermetics' 'Hermeticism' which means sealed or air tight (because this knowledge was only for the pharaohs, priests and the selected scholars of the time) The book 'The Corpus Hermeticum' is attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, who was the Greek version of who was believed to be the Atlantean deity Thot. It will give you an idea of the principles of Hermetic philosophy. The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth do too. And check out 'The Dead Sea Scrolls' and 'The Nag Hammad Library'


    Also, look up Gnosticism!

    So sorry for the novel length comment, I know it's a lot of info that might seem unrelated but once you get a flavour for this you begin to see how ancient philosophy (not just Egyptian) on these matters percolated up through the ages and is still very much studied today. Because it's always been shrouded in symbolism, to keep its practitioners from persecution (later on) and its knowledge from ordinary folk, it's a subject that is so hard to truly understand on a level in which it was meant to be understood.

    Oow, and are you aware of the yuga cycles or what Plato referred to as the great year? The theory postulates that consciousness is cyclical, rising at times to great heights then falling into barbarism.

    Hope some of this info tweaks your interest. Happy hunting 🙂

  4. Youth is gifted to the young so that we might regret what we didn't do when we've become old and tell the young: "Do it!"

    It makes me glad to see these young people at this place I've only dreamed of going.

  5. I see the excitement and wonder in Jahannah's eyes. It takes young energy from her, Jimmie and Ben to awaken the minds, of the naturally curious, to pay attention to these important topics. I'd like to know more about humanity, our ancestors and any competitive humanoids who may have created the megaliths.

  6. Loved this!! @JohannahJames I have the same theory as others that the pyramid was industrial, as Tesla said.. and was used by vibrations and the heating of stone, that's why some of the slabs had "vibrational lines" in them..not a saw. And the heat from the pyramids with water helped the process. Which also shows in slabs where water was inside them. What do u think? I worked at a glass company and all we used were crystals and hot water to cut perfectly shaped glass and it wasn't tempered…could it be related?

  7. Oh your so attractive haha should i watch because your pretty, awesome lol. Seriously i came from jimmys channel but I'm enjoying energy and facial expressions. Not too mention your non expert explanations haha. Great stuff jahanna. Keep it up bad pun. Cheers. Always speak the truth.

  8. One more thing. It says a lot that the camera spends more time on her than on her surroundings. These videos have nothing to do with promoting archeology. Simply a self promotion tool for the star and creators. Next year they will have her "living" in a car for 6 months with three dogs talking about how roughing it alone on the road is like so rad and awesome. Year after that they will have her and whatever fake love interest they come up with building a house out of shipping containers and documenting their "blossoming love". Think I'm kidding? Keep track of her and see if I'm wrong. PS…I don't watch JImmy from Dim Insight anymore. Loved his videos but he showed himself to a shallow hal by supporting this one.

  9. How did I not find this channel sooner? I love it❤️. You do an awesome job on your videos and you have the perfect personality to draw in our attention. Thanks xoxo

  10. 9:40 maybe it's flat because of the Pyramid. Newer theories say that they casted the stone blocks out of this material that is/was located everywhere around. 11:20 Restoring things takes always way more time than build something new, especially with the work mentality you find in countries like this. In Germany we describe this like: "Komme ich heute nicht, komme ich morgen." (if i don't come today, i'll come tomorrow). 21:04 this bore was done electro-chemicaly. This technique is also used to cut granite or other hard material. It's easy to do and pretty fast. 25:35 This are the typical marks when you bore with the electro-chemical method 26:15 This are the typical marks when you cut something with the electro-chemical method. It looks similar to band-saw marks wich is used for cutting glass (blocks). This saw uses sand, water and a band to cut. Both methods can provide precise cuts over a large distance.

  11. The pyramids are 100% some sort of machine
    The egyptian government and other people are covering it up literally ?….vibrations & tuning forks …tesla said to understand the universe understand vibrations

  12. 27:15 the guy needs to flip the calipers over if he is trying to measure the Inner Dimension between the saw passes. The end he is using is for measuring outer diameters.

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