October 23, 2021


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27 thoughts on “HUNTING ANCIENT TEXTS | Atlantis? Star Gates?

  1. It's obvious what happened. Our history is not what the so called experts tell us, we all know that. From this I gather the Egyptians came from Atlantis which was washed away in the world wide flood. The flood is why there is water erosion around the Sphinx. The Bible is more a history book than a religious text. Noah's family were not the only survivors and it happened a heck of a long time before historians say it did.

  2. Granite is very important for directional energy? Wtf was that guy saying?

    100% if you apply power to that wall, it would go straight to earth ground…

  3. @JahannahJames the melting & cracking of the gates and Statues, down to transforming the interior of the rocks, was probably caused by Plasma from the Sun which created a Massive Short Circuit wherever it struck and nearby areas.
    That’s why Kem has no background radiation at the sites!

  4. Possibly, the ancients could link their minds together telepathically to archive amazing feats. Quite literally putting their cone heads together #hiveminded

    A hard one to digest but I feel there is a truth to what I have suggested. Maybe that is why the queen bee (the ruler/architect) wore a strange head piece!

  5. Fun fact, I’ve watched bright insight for a couple years and I’m conversation my dad brought up your channel, I said I’d check it out and he should check out Jimmy’s, then you’re both together in the first few videos I watched. Small world haha. Fascinating stuff

  6. About the upper Egypt and lower Egypt being switched. I've read and heard the 🌏 is upside that the real orientation is opposite which makes sense when you look at a 🌏. A spinning top doesn't have it's weight on top but more towards the bottom.

  7. Wondering if the following closely mirrors the story of the egyptian Island?
    Shanawdithit, the last known Beothuk, said that the spirit world of her people included a "Great Spirit," a "Powerful Monster" from the sea and Aich-mud-yim, or "Black Man" ….According to Shanawdithit, the souls of the deceased needed these items on their journey to the country of the dead. She confirmed that life after physical death was spent in the country of the "good spirit" on an island where they could hunt and fish and feast. Those Beothuk who had been sacrificed to the spirits of the dead (because they had made peace with the whites or the Mi'kmaq) would not reach this island, and their graves would not be furnished with grave goods. The Beothuk also used red ochre and one of the symbols hand drawn by the last known living Beothuk contains an egyptian Djed pillar with a small cross on the top right resembling an Ankh. 🍀

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