April 22, 2021


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Hypocrite Sturgeon BREAKS Face Covering Rules

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20 thoughts on “Hypocrite Sturgeon BREAKS Face Covering Rules

  1. Don't you just love Britain, you can show contempt for Politicians and Political parties which can enthuse hatred in others, Just check the comments.Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, . Some Countries would lock you up and throw away the key. What do you think Mahyar.

  2. Wearing masks outside seems silly since breezes and cold winds kill off viruses 🦠 viruses do love schools, lots off kids locked up in the perfect place to spread

  3. Lockdowns don't work. A virus cannot be defeated. We are able to improve our health which makes the virus much less dangerous. It would be sensible if the Govs told people this instead of the ridiculous rules and restrictions.

  4. bro can you post on other platforms ? post your stuff on bit chute
    also have you heard of the stupid racially exclusive group called patriotic alternative
    its funny how they take right wing issue then inject race into it like bro what about all us non white right wingers ?

  5. Masks don’t work
    Not social distancing
    It’s not about a overblown flu bug
    It’s about control
    All data , regarding masks is suppressed because it’s against the narrative
    If they worked , why is the virus 🦠 supposedly rampant

  6. Her "accidental" lapse is okay, but everyone else's is not ? What a 2-face hypocrite of a witch … if you try to butter both sides of your bread, Nicola, you eventually get your hands dirty…

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