March 1, 2021


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I Paid 1,000 To This Fruit Guy In Bangkok

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41 thoughts on “I Paid 1,000 To This Fruit Guy In Bangkok

  1. Great channel Chris. You definitely bring personality to the screen!! I lived for a year & a half in Bangkok. Back in Canada now, but will be heading back when the quarantine situation changes. One thing I noticed, and other viewers may not be aware, is that some of the prices you pay are in the high range for the city. I lived in Pinklao (pronounced "Pin-cow"), a location with no tourists and few expats, but still only a five minute drive to Kao San Road. The prices for items were often 50 % or less compared to what you pay. For example, you paid 200 baht for a haircut and 20 baht for an ice-cream. I would get a haircut & shave for 60 baht and the street vendors would sell ice-cream for 10 baht. For anyone travelling to Bangkok, I would recommend spending time out of the tourist and expat zones. Not only is it much less expensive, but you would have a much more authentic experience. For single men, stay away from the bar girls. Regular Thai woman who have real jobs are just as beautiful, very friendly and extremely sincere. Their English will be very limited, but they want to learn and, well, there is always Google Translate 🙂

  2. Hearing the term, h#$%r, brought "Strange Brew" and its many hilarious scenes to mind (^^)

    Although I lived in Minnesota (a kind of GWN itself), that doesn't make me a Canadian, so from now on I promise to never use the "h" word in any way, shape, or form. Please tell Canadian Chris that some Americans do respect their cousins north of the border.

    1983 to 2021 has gone by too quickly 🙁

  3. Hello from Chicago! You always know how to find that silver lining! How do you keep being so funny and making everyone laugh? I appreciate what you do and learning so much. Thank you, Chris!

  4. Just love the way your personality makes us all form. one big family. You got me hooked the first time i saw your channel when you fell in the water jumping over things. Love the way lifes made you big the same laugh at your failures and keep on moving!

  5. I never really get chance to comment Chris as always watching your uploads on my TV. Keep them coming, just so so funny! Loving your content more & more. We are all desperate to get back to Thailand, miss it so damn much.

  6. By jeezum bye cro I learned that in VT but saying that I love the way you describe your Goody's!!! Always fun to watch you we all enjoy it text again. Stay safe. From the US. PS I'm not Vermonster hahaha

  7. My wife heads back home to see her parents in Bangkok tomorrow for 6 weeks. I asked her to have 50kg of Gan Yao & Mon tong Durian just for me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 and enough thai deserts for belly ache. Mango season? 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  8. He did correct method for cutting Jackfruit .He must put some a little bit oil on knife before cutting jackfruit .It is correct method for did something like that .Wow he known .Good job man .5555

  9. Hey Chris, love your videos, … I wish you had one video everyday , your funny, and informative on Thailand life….you are good at what you do, so keep doing it everyday,
    . Plus your dreams for more subscribers will come true..I am from Toronto, cannot wait for Thailand to reopen 😥

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