July 26, 2021


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46 thoughts on “I REFUSE!

  1. Lock downs have been happening all over the world. Mask wearing is second nature to us British. But Trump didn’t believe it necessary. I was a big fan of Trump at the beginning. But he’s handled the virus Badly and I’m sure that’s what lost him the election. Good businessman but a poor leader. Hopefully your new leader will join the world talks over climate. ????

  2. The governor of Oregon I don’t know how she got elected idiots like that is the one that started the protests on the street she’s not smart enough to run a cat house I don’t idiot comes from those Pelosi’s and all them in California they’re idiots

  3. This crap is not gonna end well. People are sick of this pompous over-reach. And now, neighbors are being encouraged to turn their neighbors in. What does that remind you of. Well, only those over 45 or with a burning desire to know history will understand what that means. Never mind.

  4. people that have jobs are around more than six people in a day….same if you ever go to do any shopping….same if you ride a bus, same if you live in an urban environment and walk the fuck around…..wonder if they are still having bohemian grove man boy love orgies up in the redwoods during covid?

  5. Do these idiotic Democratic, liberal, socialists think everybody will actually listen to their absurd and ridiculous advice? Whoever complies and tolerates this tyranny is a fool. Have a traditional Thanksgiving all you want and DO NOT let these fools tell you whether or not you can have a good time with your family. We need a movement of civil disobedience in which we stand our ground and tell these dictators we still live in America and they have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER to stop even families from coming together. All that they say is a lie!! Staying at home drove up the suicide rates, depressed many people, drove up the amount of drug overdoses, and domestic violence cases. COME ON PEOPLE, if you are an American, please comment on my comment and like this. These idiotic leaders will have to suck it up and let us- GOD FORBID- practice our rights to assemble. It is a good thing we still have leaders who are loving. GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

  6. A false government who knows that they are false and do not belong in a leadership position, do not allow citizens to gather in large groups for fear they will come to the same conclusion.

  7. wtaf its not the same as calling the police for noise complaint……as it is to call cops for having more than six people in your house. completely ridiculous. i don`t even believe that covid is as serious as it has been made to seem. Im NOT saying its fake or some conspiracy…however, it is being used in combination with several other OBVIOUS social engineering tactics to put people at odds with each other and cause more division……agent provocatuers, and social engineering…..its 2020 and i cant believe people still arent getting this shit. covid has a 1% death rate if you contract the virus with no preexisting comorbid conditions….so why dont those with high risk for serious problems if they contract covid….be responsible for themselves, and choose to distance and have a trusted person or even advocate run errands etc. most of them probably have medicare or medicade…its so fucked up how you get these people, we`ve all met them. that use this to virture signal, and sit and bitch about how unresponsible people are spreading covid…i get the stink eye riding my bike down the street if i dont have a mask on, and im not gonna wear one unless i go into a closed in public space where i cant safely distance myself from other people. when you argue this point the asshats will come up with the most unsound erroneous logic to argue their point of contention….and barely will let you even make valid points, because who cares about facts anymore? who canre about truth anymore? who care if we`re being systemically and unconcensually buggered up our arses….and being spoonfed fake news while the country goes further and furher down the shitter? sorry biden, nor trump are gonna fix this country….it was designed to serve a puppose for a time,, and then to decline, so that the nwo could emerge like phonix from its ashes, and this all is driving that agenda. IMO

  8. Don't forget they can't track us without the vaccine tracker they will deploy as soon as they can force everyone to get it. Why else would everyone need the vaccine? After all only the unvaccinated would get sick. RIGHT?

  9. If the government tried to shut down the country just 20 years ago for a disease that had a 99.98 survival rate for people under 70, the public would have laughed them off. Decades of brainwashing in college have led to this result.

  10. So you have 7 people at home. Now the neighbors are spying on you thru to backyard fence. That makes 9. Now the cops arrive. That makes 11. Then the local TV channel news crew shows up. That makes 14! Now the other neighbors show up to see what all the fuss is about. That makes 21! Good going, Governor!

  11. It's Thanksgiving day! In the car now on my way to my family's house! I'll be damn if I'm going to sit at home and eat an entire turkey by myself like some sad liberal…

  12. I remember when we shook our heads when the Russians would report each other to the KGB. Now look at us calling to report our neighbors to government. We are now the laughing stock of the world. We once were the beacon in the night everyone looked to for freedom. This is what happens with government run school systems.

  13. If Trumps starts to show promise in proving election fraud and winning in the Supreme Court I would expect this type of crazy BS to increase. Take back your country America.

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