May 12, 2021


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Iain Duncan Smith Calls Out Boris Johnson For Letting SAGE Run The Country Into The Ground

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36 thoughts on “Iain Duncan Smith Calls Out Boris Johnson For Letting SAGE Run The Country Into The Ground

  1. It appears that Boris only listens to the government medial advisors scientific evidence and not the tens of thousands of scientists and the WHO that advise against lock downs. Strange how government advisors have given contracts to companies they have worked for are connected with and have shares with!!! Whilst it is accepted that there are some patients in ICU wards, many are there because they have been the lucky few to be there for operations they should have had last March and those that need a current emergency operation. The fact that they may have tested positive for 'A' virus, that is not why they are there! The lock down policy has caused many to die through delays to operations, diagnosis for serious illness, mental health and increased suicides. The lock down policy has destroyed businesses, increased unemployment figures, destroyed the education sector and prevented millions of school, college and university leavers to find employment. By the time this crazy government action stops, the country's economy will have been destroyed leaving a possible £3 trillion or more national debt that will cause much more misery for everyone. Basing deaths on those that have tested positive for 'A' virus within 28 days is about as logical as saying deaths have happened for everyone that admitted they had a cup of tea within the past 28 days.

  2. Just remember that these people have massive interests in vaccine companies! Its in their best interest to make rona look as bad as possible so that they make big bucks when the 'vaccine' is released.. it worries me that they're so willing to watch the country burn to make their money..

  3. Watched the news for a laugh last night

    The reporter was stood outside number 10, saying the science experts were arriving for some sort of conflab, or whatever the F'k they get upto within those satanic walls

    And who was the 1st drip to turn up, Chris Grayling, he was the education secretary 6 months ago?

    Nows he's a corona expert/ scientist !

    Really 🤔

  4. If the "R" rate is coming down, why the lock down?

    Something else is going on, and they want anyone with a brain who can think for themselves, behind closed doors

    Can't believe what this country has become

  5. When all this is done and dusted just think of the relentless salt mining /mocking to be done with those who complied with this shit..sheep jokes again and again….'I was only doing what the company told me to do' really? that defence didn't work too well in the past did it? the salt shall flow again and again….

  6. Just to make it perfectly clear, When Boris said in relation to Brexit, "We're Taking back control" Is this what he really meant! I.e. no control for the people just him and his elite little click?
    Add to this the input from the unelected criminal (Broke the law driving whilst under the influence of a FLu/Viral infection= 2-3 times over the limit for alcohol!) Dominic Cummins and we have an absolute criminal level of wilful negligence and all because Boris has cognitive impairment from the Covid virus and continues to behave like he did as a youth : an aggressive dictator?

  7. Never vote for any party who supports lockdowns. It kills more than it saves and leaves hardworking families the task of paying the costs back in tax, That is if you are still able to find a job.

  8. yes l agree this lock down will go into 2021. and l eouldnt be surprised if they use it as an excuse to extend our leaving the EU fully. l dont trust them. l wi back nigel farage. his party deserve a chance. they cant balls it up more than the cons and lab.

  9. Check out the World Economic Forum (supported by Prince Charles etc.) and their plan for a ‘Great Reset’ and you will see exactly what this Lock Down is all about.
    Nothing to do with a health crisis but everything to do with this Social and Economic Reset of the world that will destroy ALL small and medium sized businesses and wipe out the middle classes in order to bring about their Fourth Industrial Revolution and their Soviet/Chinese Communist Party style future.
    It’s all out there in the open and you don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to see it!
    PS. They plan a Third Wave for February 2021 and yet another national Lock Down to fight a supposed “mutation” into what will be called COVID-21 and which they will use to keep us imprisoned in our homes unless we accept their COVID PASSPORT and Trial Vaccination plus Track and trace 24/7 overwatch!
    Former PM Tony Blair was just on tv pushing this Track and Trace big brother technology last night!
    They are ALL IN ON THIS!

  10. He’s a busted flush! He needs to grow a pair!
    He needs to sack his advisors and choose others! The alternative strategy is on a plate for him . Scientifically Great Barrington, Carl Heneghan and Legal opinion Lord Sumption.
    This perfect cover for a volte-face.

    Of course this is obvious but “most” people perhaps can’t see it? I don’t know.
    But we do!!

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