October 17, 2021


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6 thoughts on “Ian Collins | 14-Jul-21

  1. It's quit obvious that the agenda here is they want common people out of London so the elite can have it for them selves, tax vehicles out with congestion charges make it impossible for business to be viable which will devalue property there, then the big hedge funds come in and buy it all up for pennies on the pound. Gotham City folks.

  2. Restrictions don’t and won’t stop a virus — the only thing humans can do is live with them — the people who are seriously sick or ill may or may not die, but that’s life — Never have we ever locked everything up for a Virus — especially one that has recorded most deaths as “associated to during 28 days of a test” — car crashes, suicides, cancer, old age Have all been marked as covid because they did a test some time before — It’s pathetic and lockdowns and restrictions are destroying vastly more lives and mental health than any virus ever would — U.K. is looking at 5 million in the next year from missed appointments and missed cases — The normal acceptable death each year is 550,000 — and this virus is going to boost that by millions, not from the virus but the actions put in place

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