June 17, 2021


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Ian Collins reacts to 'nonsensical' Covid tiers: 'Matt Hancock really is bloody awful'

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Almost all parts of England will face tough coronavirus curbs with a ban on households mixing indoors and restrictions on hospitality after December 2. Ian says …


43 thoughts on “Ian Collins reacts to 'nonsensical' Covid tiers: 'Matt Hancock really is bloody awful'

  1. They never say what would be an 'acceptable' number of cases (so they relieve all restrictions), so they can keep us in this dystopian mess in perpetuity. This is all political. Take away THEIR salaries and incomes and let's see if they change their minds.

  2. You think this is bad? We now have a Vaccine Minister, let that sink in…… No forced vaccines, BUT if you don't accept the jab, desperate businesses trying to survive will be forced, by H&S regulations, to ban you from using their premises, airlines, trains, buses, taxis etc……. See the truth, all planned, next a cyber attack (China) will destroy the new cashless/WFH systems and power distribution to crash what's left of Western economies, welcome to Climate Change Agenda 21:2030 NWO note it has been declared on 1 December that UK Carbon Emissions have decreased by 10.3%, " by 2030, you will own nothing, have no privacy and be happy" voila…… The real reason – in my humble opinion

  3. Everyone hating on the police. I'll tell you now why the police agree to enforce what's instructed down to them. Regardless of how they feel as individuals themselves. Because theyre just grateful for a job! What does a copper get, around 25-30K? Where else is a typical bloke in the street going to earn that? Average qualifications, hardly smashing it in accolades and letters after their name. Most coppers are just grateful for a job.

  4. The amount of ads for online course on how to create online course is maddening. the idea of a non manifest trade that is supposed to be the base principle of trade is insane! a world where we are busy trading nothings for nothings barricading in homes while the country sinks. it is like watching mr bean in the kitchen….

  5. It’s astounding that they’re using the PCR test, why does any sane person defend this. It’s either total incompetence or much more sinister and a mere way of perpetuating the fear by creating ‘cases’’ SAGE needs to be held accountable for all the excess deaths and total destruction of the economy. Beyond belief.

  6. Might Christmas restrictions be the trigger that releases the pent up fury of the people, to shake off the yoke of this Covid fraud and dictatorship by the government's oft discredited medical and scientific advisers.

  7. How many people are still happy accessing their funds electronically or are starting to worry now in case the powers that be impose ATM withdrawal sanctions. Remember, you need ready cash in demos. After all, it happened in Greece a few years back. Is that next, to thwart the cash flow? I mean, what else do they have up their sleeve? Just a thought.

  8. UK economy to suffer 'largest fall in output for 300 years' as GDP down 11.3% in 2020, says Sunak. This Government wont to knock us back, into the stone age. they criminals. and need to be removed, from office.

  9. The government should have to be financially responsible for all the businesses they are forcing to close. The virus can't be blamed any more it doesn't make the rules,the government has to be responsible for it's actions, doesn't it ?

  10. Hancock and the rest of dad's army will be facing criminal court for negligence, collusion, fraud, breach of HRA, and potentially murder: 26 000 people have died at home as a result of being denied medical care … Unbelievable !

  11. Just to add a calm perspective. Total lockdown in Victoria, Australia has resulted in eradicating COVID. They took a hard core action. So not going to the pub for a few weeks ain’t that tough is it now?

  12. I wish the government would take mental health as serious as they do covid. These lockdowns and this crazy way of life is killing people.

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